Holistic Practitioners: How to Get Booked Solid Far in Advance

It’s my birthday today (it’s Saturday as I write this), and I sit here with much gratefulness.  I am looking back and reflecting on how thankful I am to have had some form of my mid-life crisis before this year.  I am thankful for doing what I’m meant to do, and the people I’ve touched with my mission & gifts just in the last 1.5 weeks.

It started with giving a live talk on Networking When You Hate to Network to holistic business owners.  Then flying out for a 3-day business training event, meeting up with one of my mentors in person for the first time, and teaching as a guest expert in a program showing holistic practitioners how to partner with physicians to get referrals.  Finally, the week ended with a special invitation-only teleseminar to people who gave me referrals.

I’m grateful to touch the naturopaths, chiropractors, energy/spiritual healers, health coaches and other holistic practitioners I did in the last few weeks because of being booked.  But what I’m about to share with you may surprise you.  I personally haven’t been proactively reaching out much to new people to market my business to since the end of January.

The speaking opportunities were not ones I applied for.  The teleseminar I gave was my special invitation-only gift to a group of people who referred future speaking opportunities to me.  Even when I went to the business training event and was in a roomful of holistic practitioners, I was feeling rather introverted and consciously didn’t connect with many people.

You may think—well that’s because you have it made.  But that’s not the case.  Of all the things I shared with you just now, the thing I’m most excited about is noticing that what I teach holistic health practitioners continues to work, even on myself.  See, I don’t like to be “out there” directly selling myself.  So I’ve created a way of getting business without having to do as much convincing.

One of my secrets is reaching out to people who serve the audience I want to reach and consider potential collaborative partnerships. 
 It’s much faster than marketing to your potential clients 1-on-1.  Now, I used to hate networking because I thought it seemed so calculated, because it supposedly works best only if you strategically network with people.  I didn’t want to just talk to people because I think they can be beneficial to me.

So I developed my own style of networking that feels good.  For one, I don’t talk to people I don’t feel connected with, just because they have an audience I want to reach.  For example, last year I was introduced to someone who served a huge community of holistic practitioners.  In the beginning, I was excited about what she was doing.  She was very excited about what I was doing, and wanted to explore the possibility of partnering with me.  But then she never got back to me.  I called her a few times.  Nothing.

Then she emailed me out of the blue months later, wanting to consider partnering plus explore being mentored by me.  I responded with giving her the option of booking a time to chat, but she never got back.

When I network, I reach out to people only if I truly appreciate what I see them doing.  And if I find that it’s not a match energetically, I let that relationship go, because there are other people in the world to connect with who ARE a match.

Now, there’s more to developing partnerships than just that.  Because most of us have limited time in the day, we need to know who to reach out to, what to say, and exactly how to set things up for a mutually beneficial partnership.  Exactly how to do that is something I teach.  But hope that gives you something to think about to get started with!

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