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Are patients canceling and rescheduling?

Do you have a strict cancellation or reschedule policy?Do you get frustrated when people cancel or reschedule, because you could’ve taken someone else on during that time instead? (Not to mention your time wasted, and lost income). One practitioner estimates no-shows and same-day cancellations account for up to 15% of all appointments scheduled by his…

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Does it get slow in your practice during the holidays?  

Does it get slow in your practice during the holidays?  Cancellations & reschedules seem to happen more frequently, holiday closings, and people seem more interested in holiday season cheers than coming in.  But it doesn’t have to be slow.  It can be the busiest time for your practice all year. There are many holidays coming up…

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What to say when a patient asks “What is your success rate?”

Do you ever get asked “what is your success rate?” and you’re not sure how to answer it because you don’t track it? One of our Introverted Visionaries 6-Figures Plus Mastermind members (who is getting specific guidance,  structures, and systems in place to fast track to a multi-6 & 7-figure freedom practice, the introverted way) asked…

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