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Not Enough New Patients Post-COVID Happening? Top Things You May Be Missing

How confident are you about your practice being busy consistently in the upcoming months? You’ve been laying low during COVID-19 or seeing people via telehealth.  Now you’re re-opening and looking forward to treating patients in person again.  Although your business may have served you well pre-Covid, the game has changed. With such a shift, it’s…

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Why Ending Your Talk with a Q&A Can Be Costly

Do you typically do Q&As during your talks? Do you currently do Q&As at the end of your talk or webinar?   You do them because people have questions.  But did you know it is one of the biggest conversion killers? It can significantly decrease the # of patients/clients your talk will bring in. Here’s…

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What to do now if you re-open or stay in lockdown in May

Do you think your area should re-open or stay in lockdown in May?There’s been talk of reopening.  Here are 2 physicians in California with 20 years of experience (currently practicing in the ER seeing patients) discussing their testing data in their county and extrapolated data in the world.  Watch now below. Update April 27, 2020:…

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