DCs, LAcs, NDs, Functional Medicine Practitioners:

The Consistent Patients Formula: 5 Secrets to Attracting a Waiting List of Patients

(especially if you don't like marketing and don't have time)

Do you find yourself procrastinating marketing your practice?

Isn't it exhausting to always have to be "out there" marketing your practice?

30-50% of us are introverts, but what's taught about how to grow a practice assumes you're an extrovert.  That's why it doesn't work for you.

We introverts need a different approach.

We help DCs, LAcs, NDs, and functional medicine practitioners grow their practices to 6 & 7-figures in 1/3 of the time it typically takes.
The introverted way.

It's time to change our broken healthcare system, with us introverts leading the change!  To introvert power 🙂
Together let's wake up the planet!

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Starting out and not enough people know about you.
< $100K/yr

Have patients, but not consistent income.

Busy, but not making money when you're not there.

Tired of being at a plateau?

We help passionate DCs, NDs, LAcs, functional medicine practitioners go from frustrated to loving their practice & living a lifestyle they love.  Ready for a 6 or 7-figure practice makeover?

What Our Clients Say

Michael Reece, ND – Ephrata, PA
From being inconsistent with patients to consistent flow and income.

Phi-Lan Nugyen, LAc – Seattle, WA area
From waitressing to a 6-figure acupuncture practice
in one year.

Nancy Gravel, DC – Care Chiropractic Clinic – New Orleans, LA area

From $20k/mo to $70k/mo the first mo, then averaging $40k/mo in a yr.

Jose Aguilar, DC – Helping Hands Massage and Chiropractic – Chicago, IL area

From being an associate to struggling in own practice, then $5k/mo to $10k/mo in 3 months, and >$200k that year.


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5 Secrets to Attracting a Waiting List of Patients

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