Give Me a Practice Makeover

This is for you if...

-You're an introvert who finds yourself procrastinating marketing your practice
-You avoid large crowds and wish you didn't have to drag yourself to networking events

You're ready for a practice makeover because you're:
1. An introvert who is ready to stop growing your practice the uncomfortable & exhausting extroverted way (which isn't working for you).
2. Ready to become known as a go-to practitioner in your area, so people come to you
3. Wanting to be busier with clients consistently, but don't want to have to do much marketing to get them.

You want to have a steady flow of patients/clients all the time, and you're ready to start making the money you deserve! (watch the cartoon video below).

People need you, instead of thinking that medications and quick fixes will solve their problems. You have an obligation to help the many people who are not getting the care they really need in our healthcare system. It's time to step up!  Be found by the people who need you most.

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 Testimonials from graduates of the Consistent Clients Makeover Mentorship for Introverts:

"Before working with Chen, I felt the economy had taken a toll on my practice.  Within a month of working with Chen, I had my biggest month of income since 2007, and surpassed the 90-day monthly income goal I set!  Instead of booking 54% of the people I talk to, I’m booking 86% to become my patients using the system Chen has given me.  Within 2 months, my practice is so busy that I needed to raise my fees.  I just offered my first package that my client took me up on!  
I’m also getting unexpected interest from people wanting to send me referrals, using what Chen has taught me." –E.H, LAc


"Before working with Chen, my case acceptance rate was 70-80%.  Since putting the Consistent Clients Formula in place, my case acceptance rate has been 100% since December (and it’s now May)!  My monthly income has doubled within 4 months and I’m on track for a 6-figure year.  I’ve noticed more and more of current patients are referring friends and family to me.  I’ve also used what she taught that contributed to me getting picked up by major media, and it’s resulted in boosting my credibility as a go-to chiropractor in my area.


I’m extremely grateful to Chen for showing me how to be true and authentic with myself and the results that have followed.  I feel relieved I don’t have to market my practice the exhausting extroverted way."  -Dr. Jose Aguilar, DC


"Before working with Chen, I was struggling with getting consistent clients. Now I am more confident with communicating how I stand out, and it's increased the interest in my services in others I meet.    It has filled a glaring gap that acupuncture school didn't address. I am feeling better able to go out and attract more clients who are excited to have me help them create better health with them."  Brenda Sherman, LAc 


"Even though I have been in practice for over 20 years, one of the main challenges for me has been to have a consistent flow of clients. I have been working with her over the past few months.  She has provided clear outlines in areas such as communicating with potential clients, improving credibility with clients, communicating uniqueness, more effective networking and more.  I have already begun to see the benefit in working with her (particularly in getting referrals from other clients and practitioners). I wish I had learned these approaches when I was starting practice! "--Dr. Michael Reece, ND, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Board of Directors 2013


Apply now for your Consistent Clients Makeover!  This Consistent Clients Makeover for Introverts is for you if... You're ready to stop spinning your wheels, doing things to get found that aren't working.  You're an acupuncturist, chiropractor, massage therapist, naturopath, energy/spiritual healer, or health coach who knows you are meant to help a lot more people than you are right now. It's time to start making the money you deserve!


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