4 Key Factors to Help You Decide Whether it’s Time to Upgrade Your Current Website

I promised to share with you the rest of the 4 key factors that can help you determine whether getting a new website or upgrading your current one will be a good investment right now.

To read the first 2 key factors, click here.

Factor #3.  How well you turn curious people into actual committed paying clients.   What’s the use of a website when you aren’t good at getting the phone ringing from it, and turning them into actual clients?

Getting the phone ringing from your website is something that good website design services do.  The problem is that many designers aren’t good at marketing.  When you look for a designer to create your website, make sure they are good at marketing or have someone on their team who is.  This was something I was frustrated with when I’ve hired website designers over the years.  I could never seem to find people who were good at both.  Last year, I spent over $3,000 on a website and in the end, I was not happy with the design (I was told it would be custom, but they had still used a similar template to other websites they had designed for my industry…and hadn’t taken into account my request for certain elements of design), nor was I happy about their understanding of marketing.

It’s a big problem that holistic health practitioners tell me they have also.  That’s why some of you who have websites are disappointed at the number of clients you get from your website. (FYI-I got so fed up that it’s inspired me to work on a project that no one else offers for holistic health practitioners.  When it’s ready, it can help you get a website that brings in leads).  To be the first to hear about it when it’s available, click here. I’m working on an exciting new project that can get you a personalized website that brings you ideal client leads, without you breaking your bank.  It’s coming very soon!

Now another important factor to getting you clients from a website is making sure you have a way to inspire more people you talk to become actual clients.   Many holistic health practitioners I know are afraid of being pushy, and feel the right people will just come to them.  But how’s that working for you when it comes to having more than enough clients & income?

Just imagine what it would be like if you had a non-pushy way of talking to potential clients/patients that inspired them to work with you now, rather than later.  You could help a lot more people who need you.  Listen to something that can help you with that:  http://www.morethanenoughclients.com

Factor #4.  Knowing who has seen your website but didn’t call you, so you can start building relationships with them for when the timing is right.

If you don’t meet an immediate need of someone who is searching for your website, they will leave,  even if you had intrigued them with an interesting blog article.  And many times they won’t come back.  You had your 5 second shot, but you blew it.  It’s important to figure out who has seen your website.  Do you know how to do that, and then invite them to work with you when they trust you more or when the timing is right?

#1 & #4 can take time and know-how to accomplish.  I personally have spent a lot of money over the years training in internet marketing.  I’ve had my share of trial and error and continue to work towards mastery.  I think it’s partly because I’m an introvert and was looking for ways of getting business where I didn’t have to be “out there”.  But most holistic health practitioners don’t have time to do that.  You prefer to spend time helping people, not figuring out how to rank on the top of Google.

If you’d like to understand more to see if you really are ready for a website, or you feel it is time to get a new website or upgraded website, then enter your name & email below to get first access to something you’ll want to hear about.  I’m working on an exciting new project that can get you a personalized website that brings you ideal client leads, without you breaking your bank.  It’s coming very soon!

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