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Is Google censoring holistic health practitioners?

Is Google censoring holistic health practitioners? “We live in a free country”, I thought to myself as I read about sites like Dr. Mercola seeing a decrease in being found from Google search results after Google’s June 2019 update. As reported by Telapost.com, an SEO content and marketing company: “The June 2019 Google Broad Core…

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Google AdWords or Facebook?

Do you get calls from Google AdWords advertising companies and wonder if you should use them? What about Facebook advertising?  You’ve heard that Facebook ads are working for other practitioners in your profession and even hear some amazing ROI stories.  You wonder if you should jump on board. This will help you decide: Google AdWords…

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This practice’s sugar daddy

I was talking to an acupuncturist… Here’s the amazing thing:  before, she was bringing in $5k/mo.  Then something significant happened in her practice that led to her having more patients than she could see for the past 3 years. In fact, she was able to grow from that to bringing in $1 million in one year… “What in the world did she…

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