Learn How to Give Yourself a 5-Minute Massage – Hand Reflexology

At the end of a week as busy as the one I’ve just had, I sometimes find myself tense and have a hard time winding down at the end of the day.  Of course, it would be nice to go visit my favorite massage therapist every day, but, as I’m sure you can relate to, that doesn’t always fit into a busy schedule!  I’ve found that even a 5-minute break to treat myself to a short hand reflexology massage during the day is a great treat.

Thankfully, it’s easy to learn hand reflexology techniques for a massage you can easily do yourself.   If some moments you spend a lot of time on the computer like I do, it feels amazing after all that typing!

Below, learn how to relieve tension and take a mental break from your day-to-day activities:

  1. Start by adding a few drops of your favorite hand lotion to soften your hands and make massaging them easier.
  2. Rub the heels of your hand with your thumb in gentle circular motions.
  3. Use your thumb and forefinger on the opposite had to massage up and down along the muscle where you thumb meets the rest of your hand. This area does a lot of hard stretching on the keyboard and mouse, so give it a break now and feel it relax.
  4. Using the same technique as you used on the heel, rub the palm of your hand at the base of all your fingers.
  5. On the back of your hand, use an upward circular stroke and massage from the base of your hand to the bottom of the finger joints.
  6. Using a very gentle hand, pull on each finger. This stretches the muscle and relives joint pain.
  7. Clasp your fingers at the knuckles and pull, focusing your attention on the muscles in your palm, rather than in your fingers.
  8. Turn over your wrist as if you were taking your pulse. With your hand around your wrist, move all your digits in a soft circular motion.
  9. Repeat all motions if desired.


Source: bellasugar.com