What do your clothes say about you?

Have you ever met someone and experienced their confidence, beauty, and presence before they even opened their mouth to speak?

Or maybe you experienced the opposite and you couldn’t pinpoint why…..

Your clothes are speaking for you every day – but do you like what they’re saying?  Are they saying:

“I’m an authentic, beautiful person who knows exactly who I am and what I’m here to do. I deserve success and am here to make a difference!”?

Or are they covering up the authentic you that is in there….that other people aren’t seeing?

I know what you may be thinking…”I’m a holistic practitioner …it’s not like it matters when I’m at work.”

I can totally relate.  I spent 80% of my life in a white labcoat.  I felt that what I wore underneath my lab coat didn’t matter, as long as it was clean.  Fussing over clothes seemed so shallow to me.

What about outside of work?  Of course I wanted to look good, but didn’t fuss over it.   I used to look at other people who looked nice in their outfits & thought “they look good….but they probably pay too much unnecessary attention to themselves to look good”.  I thought to myself that I’m beautiful on the inside, and it doesn’t matter what I wear.

But I felt like I was in a funk at the time (the photo to the left was when I became a part of a highly invested mastermind, and started getting out of my funk.  But notice I didn’t pay much attention to what I wore).  And when my business grew, there was a part of me that felt ready for a makeover.  A makeover to a new me.  I didn’t want to feel like I was in a funk anymore.

I went to a women’s small business conference and met a woman who spoke about this.  She seemed to know what she was talking about.  She seemed to have a good eye for choosing business outfits, and I thought about working with her.  But something in me held back.

Not Chen Yen above; Liana (on top right) dressing someone

Then a year later, I met Liana Chaouli I was at a mastermind retreat, and she was a guest speaker.  She came with a rack full of clothes with her.  Having never met the audience, she called people up (both men & women) and asked them to wear certain outfits on the rack.  Each time Liana had different people try on different clothes, they looked gorgeous…and the clothes fit perfectly on them.  For someone who hates shopping for clothes because it takes too long (and I find it hard to find things that fit), I was amazed and in awe, as was everyone else.

A guy friend of mine, a physician, was there, and Liana had him put on a pink shirt (who would have ever thought) and it looked SO good on him.  It actually made him look more credible and approachable.

One thing I learned that day was that a color or style that looks good on someone else doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you.  No wonder!  (Years back when I was in