Top 3 Reasons Why Your Practice Isn’t Full From Referrals Yet

You love the idea of your practice being filled by word of mouth, but why are you not getting them?

One of the easiest ways to grow a practice is getting a steady flow of referrals from other practitioners.  It’s one key way to avoid having to do as much marketing in your practice.  You just need to know how.

One acupuncturist I was talking to recently was telling me how happy she was that her practice was busy just from referrals. Aside from the number of referrals dropping from practitioners retiring and no longer referring, she had a full practice.  Imagine what your practice could look like if you had a handful of practitioners sending you 3-5 referrals a week.

But isn’t it frustrating when you reach out to MDs or other practitioners for referrals & never hear back?

There are 3 top reasons why you may not be getting a steady flow of referrals as you’d like.

Reason #1  The energy is upside down.  Here’s the first thing to look at if you’re disappointed by the number of referrals you’re getting, despite trying to….

How are you approaching getting referrals right now?  Are you coming from the place of “how can I get referrals from this person?”, or how are you coming at it?

Let me share with you a few tips from the 5th step of the Consistent Clients Formula, which helps you get a flow of referrals happening.

Are you more about getting what you want?  Or are you about helping the other person with what’s important to them—and coming from a place of giving without expecting something in return?

What if someone came to you & you could pick up on their energy that they just wanted things from you?  Consider how that would make you feel.  Whether you recognize it or not in yourself, look in and see how you are approaching your desire for wanting to get referrals.

Give without expecting something in return.  That is the first step to getting more referrals.

Now you might be thinking “I do that…I give & give…and never seem to get anything in return”. (especially for us introverts who listen and listen, and don’t speak up ourselves).

This comes to the second most common reason why you may not be getting a flow of referrals as you’d like.

Reason #2  You may not be asking for them.  Sometimes as heart-centered health practitioners, we are so good at giving that we don’t know when to ask…or how to ask.  So we don’t ask at all, because we don’t want to appear pushy.

I’ve had this issue myself.  I would have great conversations with people, but at the end of them I found out everything about them & they knew little about me.  I would also help people, but then I didn’t feel like I was being supported…..until something shifted for me.  I became more open to asking.

Ask for what you’d like help with.  You just need to know who to ask, how to ask, what to ask for, and how frequently to ask without coming across as being pushy.

Now, have you ever developed a relationship to the point where you hit it off well with someone—maybe you’re sending them referrals, but you don’t seem to be getting many referrals yourself?  There may be something else key that’s missing on your end.

Reason #3  Other practitioners may not be clear why they should refer people to you.  They don’t really “get” what you do.  Or they already have another practitioner who does similar things as you they already refer to.

This is why getting clear about your uniqueness & what you want to get known for is so important.  This is also the most overlooked thing when trying to get more clients.  Chances are, when you’re looking to get more clients, the first thing you look to do is how you can get more exposure (vs. looking at how you can communicate your uniqueness to set yourself apart).  But if you actually figure out your uniqueness and communicate it so people “get it”, you don’t need as much exposure. It saves you money and time marketing.

During the Fill My Practice Fast Immersion (want to be a part of the upcoming one?  Enter your special savings code BLOG300), I take my clients through a step-by-step process that helps them get clearer about their uniqueness….what their Uniqueness Factor is.  When you are clear about what your Uniqueness Factor is, you’ll start to notice that people will find it easier to send you referrals.

One of my clients had a good practice going, but then moved to a new city where she didn’t know anyone.  She struggled with getting clients at first.  We worked on her Uniqueness Factor.  One of the things she did was make it clear on her website, and very soon after she got someone calling her saying “I saw your website & just knew I had to work with you.”

Imagine getting your practice to a place where people would hear about you & feel they HAD to work with you.  What would that do for your practice?

Come join us for the next Fill My Practice Fast Immersion.  Enter your savings code BLOG300 now to receive your significant early bird savings for the upcoming Immersion.  Let’s uncover what your Uniqueness Factor is…..and start using it to attract more referrals & clients.

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