Quickest Way to Get More Patients During a Cashflow Crunch

Updated Oct 2018

When you are experiencing a cashflow crunch, what is the quickest way to get more patients/clients in the door?

 What I’m about to share will have you say “duh” because it will seem so obvious.  Especially when you have an established practice.   However, take a good look at your practice & see if you’re really making sound decisions based what I’m about to share with you.

I was talking to an acupuncturist last week who said she’s been spending $400/mo on Google Adwords and doesn’t know if any people are coming from it.  In fact, she knows that it’s been months and no one has taken her up on the offer she makes from Google Adwords, a free consultation.  She’s not getting patients/not making money from it.  But she’s still spending the money because it gives her exposure.

(SEO Myth #1 = More exposure and traffic alone doesn’t always equal more patients, as much as you may want to believe it does). Simply more exposure may be good for big companies that have a big marketing budget & celebrities, but it’s not so good for most holistic health practitioners...

Half the stuff many SEO companies are promising aren’t worth the money they are charging for it.  We can many times accomplish the same with our clients without having to spend ongoing money on SEO.

In looking at her situation, you may think—that’s silly….why is she spending money on that when she’s not sure whether she’s really getting new patients from it?  But have a look at what you’re doing in your business.  Is there anything you’re doing in HOPES of getting more clients, and it’s not working?  But you still do it because you believe it should give you more visibility. You tell yourself how getting more exposure is still important, so you still do it….

     One thing that allowed my first business to grow on a shoestring budget to 7 figures in less than five years was never spending money simply for the purpose of getting more exposure.  Everything we did helped more people, had a purpose AND got us more clients right away, or we stopped doing it.

This is one of the keys to what my clients are doing that’s helping them grow so much faster than what most practitioners are experiencing.  One of my clients went from $5,000/mo to $10,000/mo in 3 months because we put a system that worked in place to get new patients on board quickly (and retain them).  It was something that was already working well for him, and we gave him a makeover through the system that was working for our clients even better than it had been working for him before.

One of the quickest way to get more patients in a cashflow crunch:  look over what you did in the last year and notice if there’s a pattern of when you made the most money.  Then do more of that.

For example, in our business, one of the things we’ve noticed is that we’re getting the most enjoyable clients to work with through live webinars, FB Ads, and through referrals.  There was one ad that worked really well and we “revived it” recently by making the content available again, put a new fresh ad leading to it, and it’s been working great just like it did before.

There are few other things aside from the above that we do to attract clients.  As an introvert, I rarely get out of the house, except to speak at national venues or places where most of my favorite kinds of clients are (unless I’m experimenting with a new place to get known)….or to attend business training just simply because I love it.  We grew to a multi-6 figure business in around 2 years while taking large chunks of time off to travel for pleasure overseas….and we didn’t get fancy.

And so can you.

If you don’t know where your patients are coming from, start tracking it.  And do more of it.  Also notice what’s not working, and stop doing it altogether.  Yes, completely stop it.
If what you did to bring patients in before isn’t working all that well anymore, then you need to do something different.  It might be something you don’t even know to do (that’s where we come in).

Another one of my clients recently went from averaging $25,000/mo to having a record month of making $70,000 in January (this happened within 2 months of us working together)…and it sure wasn’t from getting her on board with the latest internet marketing “get clients quick & get rich quick” kind of thing.  First, we got her clear on her Uniqueness Factor, so it set her apart instantly and she doesn’t have to worry about competition, or what other people are charging or doing in the area.

(If you would like me to pull your Uniqueness Factor out of you so you won’t have to worry about competition & it becomes easier to attract patients to you, I’ll help you with that during the upcoming Fill My Practice Fast Immersion. Click on the link and enter code LOVE by midnight tonight for your special savings for reading this article).

Then we worked on increasing conversions from her talks & putting something in place right away that got her great referrals.  These are things that will be sustainable for her business and that no one can take away from her….even if the internet were to crash tomorrow.  She has been so excited because her practice is fun again.

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