Do you believe in having a full refund policy?

This week since the start of our business, we gave our 2nd refund for services we delivered, and I actually felt happy. Normally, I would take it personally and want to do whatever I could to make them happy (within the boundaries of what was promised & what was delivered), but in this case, I was happy my team gave a refund to this person.  Why? Because energetically I didn’t feel this person was a match to be connected to me.

It made me think—should I start a Karma Will Take Care of You Refund Policy?

There are two different camps in the world of mentoring: full refund and no refunds. Usually full refunds apply only in programs that don’t involve any (or limited) access.

Another camp believes in no refunds. One reason is that in the world of mentoring, we are mentoring people through their fears, including fear as it relates to money. Part of someone’s breakthrough and growth comes from removing the perceived obstacle money has in their life and business. It starts with the investment in the mentoring—an energetic commitment to change.

Just imagine if you were helping someone lose weight & you coached them to lose weight by changing their diet. But they kept eating hamburgers, hotdogs, and fries every day….and then they asked for a refund because they felt your coaching didn’t work.

When I first started my business, I had a refund policy even for my higher end mentorships because I had confidence that what I had to offer would help people. But then I started to realize the refund policy wasn’t just about me, and why it didn’t actually serve my clients.

When you make an investment in your business and you feel that you can get out of your financial commitment at anytime, it’s like a back door when things get hard (or when your little voice gets in the way). It’s also a back door to not take personal responsibility for every choice we make, including “bad” ones.

I know what that’s like, because I committed to a high investment year-long mastermind in the last few years and it didn’t start for several months. After I enrolled, I had second thoughts and considered backing out. Before it started, things came up and there were times when I thought boy….I could’ve spent the money elsewhere. If it weren’t for the non-refundable deposit and not wanting to feel out of integrity with the commitment I made, I would’ve backed out. I’m so glad I didn’t, because that mastermind ended up being very key to my business doubling that year.

As we’re stepping in to a bigger mission for ourselves, “illusions” come up—things happen in life that we can easily use as excuses to play small & take a step back….things like perceived failures, or talking yourself out of things because you get scared….

When we listen to our little voice or the “illusion”, we are listening to our lower self. A good mentor brings you back to your higher self, so you are moving forward with your mission. When a mentor allows for a refund whenever you want, it prevents the mentor from fully being there for you as your mentor to bring you back to your higher self.

What do you think—no refund or Karma Will Take Care of You Refund Policy?

Should I give a full refund for all my programs & trust that karma will take care of the lessons my clients may need to learn around backing out of things, or should I stand for them as my client by having a no-refund policy across the board? Post your comments below.  If you are a heath coach or in the mentoring business, share what your policy is around refunds and why you have it.

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