A Cranio What? The Power of Being in Demand – Referral Marketing for Holistic Businesses

I went to a craniosacral therapy session a few weeks ago and cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I feel.  First of all, I had never considered the idea of something like it and had no idea why it could benefit me.

My yoga instructor came to class one day and she raved about how her internal organs got adjusted from her session and how things related to your birth may have affected how your posture is.  Keep in mind the holistic practitioner she saw incorporated modalities beyond craniosacral therapy, such as neuromuscular therapy and structural integration.  She has also studied osteopathic methods.

I had been experiencing tension in my head/neck area, which often seemed out of alignment when I didn’t put conscious effort to keeping my posture.  At times I would think to myself that it shouldn’t be so hard to keep your head up in proper alignment, but it was.  Somehow when my yoga instructor came to yoga class raving about her experience, I felt compelled to go see this craniosacral therapist even though I didn’t have a clue what to expect and why I needed it.  I called her office and her receptionist said she books out a month ahead of time.  During a select day of the month prior, they open the calendar up for appointment booking.

My first reaction was–wow, this person must be good.  She’s in such demand that they book out a month in advance.

My much-awaited appointment was a couple of weeks ago.  I showed up not knowing what to expect, or what exactly she could help me with.  When she took my history, I mentioned that I had been grinding my teeth at night and wanted to release the grinding.  I also told her about my issue with my neck and head.  She did these subtle movements with her hands, and even had her finger in my ear at one time.  She later adjusted my head to where tension was released.  It was very different from a chiropractor’s adjustment.  Yet  I can’t tell you how amazing I felt afterwards–as if I finally have my posture & body back.  My bite (which a holistic dentist had said needed to be fixed) is totally fixed!

What you can learn from this craniosacral therapist who’s been successful in her practice for over 25 years:

1.  Referral marketing for holistic businesses/word of mouth/testimonials is the only thing that can sideswipe your shortcomings in explaining what you do for people.  It is the only way you can give someone the interest and confidence to work with you, even if you completely screw up how you explain what you could do for someone.  When I spoke to the craniosacral therapist over the phone, I felt that if I hadn’t known her, I would not have driven 2 hrs to see her out of faith.  The consultation conversation was not compelling enough.  I didn’t quite understand what she could do for me.  But because my yoga instructor came to class raving about her experience & I really trusted her, I was intrigued.

2.  Word of mouth marketing starts with giving a patient/client an experience they will rave about.  What can you do to create an experience that your client will be sure to tell others about?

3.  Create demand in your schedule. If you don’t have a full calendar of patients/clients, only allow for bookings a few days of the week.  When you open your calendar up to book, let your potential clients know you only have 2 spots left this week.  If your client is serious, they will work around your schedule.  And they will respect your time more because they see that you are in demand.

What is your experience with getting new clients through word of mouth?  What has worked best for you?  Comment below on what you’ve done to encourage and receive referrals that bring you new business.  Getting business through word of mouth is one key method of filling your practice.  To get started with other key strategies to help you grow your holistic health practice, access the 5 Simple Secrets to Growing a Waiting List of Clients.

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