Why Groupon is a Waste of Time for Holistic Health Practitioners

Having a hard time getting clients, and considering using Groupon?  Is it really a good source of advertising your holistic practice, or is it a waste of your time?

Holistic practices, especially massage therapists, colon hydrotherapists, or acupuncturists use Groupon.  Groupon seems to get many people buying your services.  If it seems to work for other holistic practitioners, why not try it?

Here’s the problem with Groupon:  you usually have to heavily discount your services so it looks like a great deal.  And if you don’t have a repeatable way of getting continued business from an initial visit, the Groupon sale becomes a short-term bandaid.  You work for a significant discount, and then you are left with either clients you don’t want to work with or those who don’t come back.

One of my mentor’s wife is an acupuncturist.  A friend of hers used Groupon to advertise her services, and she did not like the kind of patients she got from it.  And many of them didn’t return beyond their first visit.  Groupon shines the light on why discounting your services often means attracting those you don’t enjoy working with.  A phenomenon of pricing is that very low pricing can attract people who aren’t that great to work with.  The reason for that is that money is an  exchange of of energetic commitment.  You may get people who aren’t ready to commit to their health, but who are instead just curious (aka one-time visits and not returning).  Other times, you may attract low-paying divas.  Those who pay you a low fee and who expect everything.

Think you need to lower your prices when you aren’t getting enough patients/clients?  Think twice before you lower your prices too much.

What to do instead is to be clear about the clients you really want to attract.  The clearer you are, the more your favorite kind of clients will be attracted to you.  And the more you will repel the ones you don’t want to attract.  Now, it doesn’t mean Groupon can’t work for certain businesses or situations.  If you have a structured way of engaging your first-timers to return for future visits, it could be a way of getting business in the door.  But you must have a strong proven system that works.  And you must be prepared to lose money for the initial visit.

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