The Painful Truth About My Slow Month & Failure, and How You Can Use it to Have Your Biggest Month

As I sat down to write this, I felt so much resistance. I didn’t really feel like writing an article of inspiration nor a 6 or 7-figure practice makeover tip. And it wasn’t just a slight resistance. It was a strong resistance. I had to really check in with myself, and look at where the resistance was coming from.

When I looked in, I realized that I had been feeling like a failure.

So here’s the honest truth about what has been happening the last two months: After hosting a fulfilling Introvert Power & Impact 3-day live event (where I loved every moment of it, watching the practitioners who attended have incredible breakthroughs), I felt exhausted. It took me a month to “recover”. Aside from my existing clients, I didn’t feel like talking to anyone for a month. As an introvert and knowing my own energy flow, that felt normal and I gave myself permission to have down time.

At the same time, when I decided I was ready to help more new clients, everything seemed to come to a screeching standstill.  The leads that I counted on getting without my having to always be “working at it” slowed down. When I did get potential clients, many of them weren’t really ready. I spoke at an International Ayurveda & Yoga Conference recently and although I enjoyed my interactions with the attendees who talked to me afterwards, again I got many “I wish by business was doing a lot better, but I’m happy with my life so maybe I just keep at it and one day things will change.”

I started to feel rather frustrated. If I were to hear another person tell me they decided to keep doing what they were doing even though it wasn’t working (if you know me, I’m all about manifesting your biggest purpose and really going for it), I was going to toss my phone in the trash can. I felt like such a failure because I seemed to be failing miserably at inspiring them to what I could see was possible within them.

Not to mention, my bills seemed to be piling up in unexpected ways. My mom’s condo’s pipes burst unexpectedly and gathered up mold issues while she was away traveling, and I was responsible for paying for the repairs & mold remediation because insurance didn’t cover it and it; I had a vacancy in a rental property that couldn’t seem to get filled; the person I had recently hired in my business didn’t seem to work out. What else could go wrong all at once?

I was tired of getting “tested” by the universe when another random bill came in the mail.

It was easy to focus on what wasn’t working.

What went wrong? Having been in a flow for awhile (we had our biggest month of income last month), I realized that I became busy with the “doing”, and focused my energies less on manifesting. I wasn’t walking my talk.

It was time to bring on the manifesting back. I could sure use it.

***Manifesting a Big Month Tip #1:  The first thing I did was look at how to remove my strong resistance, and remember why I’m doing what I’m doing.  I started imagining what it’s like to be working with amazing new clients, including feeling the feeling of it. Relaxed, at ease, the kind of clients who have been waiting for me just coming to me…Their lives getting changed as they help more and more patients/clients resolve their health issues. People who have been feeling miserable finally have their lives turned around because of the holistic practitioners in my community helping them.

As soon as I started doing that, things started happening. I went to a live event to get recharged, and although I wasn’t directly working on my business, when I went back to my hotel room, I found voicemail messages of places wanting me to speak. (For those of you who don’t know, speaking is my main way of getting clients).

Within a week, I was offered 4 different speaking opportunities in front of my ideal audience with set dates.

***Manifesting a Big Month Tip #2: And then I looked at what was working. I started looking at how much I HAD made so far this month, and I was surprised. I had still made a good amount of money by mid-month & even though I was tracking it when money was coming in, my perception of it was totally different because I had blanked out for a large stretch of days this month.

Because of the cash that was getting allocated to unexpected bills and how much of the sales were payments coming in future months, I felt like I hardly made anything. After deciding to shift my perception, I started to acknowledge myself for what had come in the door and feel grateful for it. The next day, I got a great, motivated client.

**Manifesting a Big Month Tip #3:  **I looked for ways to rely on the support of my mastermind. I’m doing a talk on “my latest of what’s working to get clients through speaking” (UPDATED June 2016 with the link here of the latest update webinar you can catch related to this) and would have normally written it by myself. I decided to ask for help, and in 1 hr this week, my mastermind buddy Paul helped me lay it all out.  (We’re highly invested in a year-long mastermind together and I don’t know what I would do without being in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are just as committed about their business as I am).

Manifesting lesson learned: Doing it alone is so much harder than having the help of others. If you’re doing it alone, ask yourself “Why am I doing it alone?” Get the help of people who have the same level of passion and understanding as you and reach out for help. (If you’re in the Fill My Practice Fast Immersion, Consistent Clients Makeover Mentorship for Introverts, the 6-Figure Speaking Makeover Mentorship for Introverts, or the Introverted Visionaries 6-Figures Plus Mastermind, you know what I’m talking about—reach out).

**Manifesting a Big Month Tip #4:  Finally, I looked at all the incompletions I had on my plate & started to finish them. It’s hard to manifest when your mind space & physical space has clutter.

I took a Saturday morning to clear out some clutter.
When I checked my mailbox later that day, I got an unexpected check for a few thousand dollars. (These are the sort of things that I used to hear about that would happen to other people, and I used to wonder why it wouldn’t happen to me more frequently. Have you ever felt jealous of it happening to other people? I have before too, and it felt good it was happening to me 🙂

Manifesting lesson learned: Money comes in all ways. Don’t be tied to how the money comes. Incompletions and clutter can pile up the resistance energy, when the universe is trying to shower upon you.
And my beating myself up for having a slow month when I teach my clients how to have consistent months?  I realized I needed to experience this and feel what you may be feeling, so I can freshly relate to what it’s like to have a slow month & get sucked into the energy of it feeling like a failure.

Are you having a slow month? Start by removing your resistance. Allow yourself a breakthrough with manifesting more easily. It’s with opening the flow to manifesting AND aligning your desires with the most effective action that allows the floodgates of clients & income to come in the door quickly.

I’m giving 8 people a “Big Month” Money Manifesting Breakthrough Session this week. It’s for you if you are tired of slow months, and ready to manifest a big month in your practice. If you want a spot, click here to apply now.

Let’s give your practice a patient flow boost and a “money honey” breakthrough!  When other practitioners are having slow months, let’s quickly manifest your biggest month ever with flow and ease….while you’re helping more and more people who need you.

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