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Does it get slow in your practice during the holidays?  

Does it get slow in your practice during the holidays?  Cancellations & reschedules seem to happen more frequently, holiday closings, and people seem more interested in holiday season cheers than coming in.  But it doesn’t have to be slow.  It can be the busiest time for your practice all year. There are many holidays coming up…

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High Deductibles of Obama Care and the Trend towards Concierge Medicine

Have you ever considered having a concierge practice model?  The shortage of physicians expected from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in the next 5 years, plus the reality of high deductibles for people who don’t get insurance coverage through their jobs ($2927 for Silver plans or $5181 Bronze plans for individuals; $6,010 for…

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My Secret

My secret.  I’m about to share with you a secret I held close to me and how I finally couldn’t handle the secret anymore.  And the straight up truth about how Fill My Holistic Practice came to be. The secret was something I didn’t really recognize at first.  And then I didn’t want to admit…

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