#1 Simple Way to Prevent Clients Disappearing After Initial Visits

Would you like to hear another simple and effective way to prevent patients/clients from disappearing before they finish their treatment plan
(or your recommendations)?

It’s very simple, yet few holistic practitioners do it.  This can be what sets you apart.  

It can inspire your clients to be more committed—clients who listen to your advice, come back, and refer other people.  Imagine if fewer of your clients disappeared.

You wouldn’t have to worry about getting new patients/clients all the time.  You won’t have to spend as much energy convincing people to come back either.

Committed clients–>finishing tx plan–> better results–>more referrals
(and less marketing)

Hot tip #2 (see Tip #1 in previous article)
Create an assessment for your clients to fill out immediately before (and/or after) each visit to track their progress.

Why? This allows them a chance to assess their progress and notice what’s going on with their body. You may review this with them each time, and pull out previous assessments to point out their progress.

You still keep your own report of findings, but have your clients fill this separate assessment out each time.

What to include on the assessment: any markers or measures of success related to the outcomes you are working with your client/patient to get. Also include questions that ask for assessment on a scale of 1-10 (ie, pain scale).

Instead of getting frustrated by clients forgetting their progress, you’ll see less of that. Doing this also allows them to be more in tune with listening to their own body’s guidance.

Aside from having your clients fill out assessments, another important thing is what you say during the first and subsequent visit that inspires them to follow their treatment plan.  This is an art and skill that can be learned.

Bonus Tip:  Take before and after photos of your client.  Photos are very telling, including energy radiance, a person’s posture, weight, etc.

Regardless of whether you’re an acupuncturist, chiropractor, naturopath, massage therapist, or health coach, this can be a part of your normal procedure and something that sets you apart.  (This simple and powerful tip is thanks to one of our Introverted Visionaries 6-Figures Plus Mastermind members and Consistent Clients Makeover Mentorship for Introverts alumni, Peggy Leong).

Even if you’re a health coach working with your client over the phone, this tip will work for you. Ask your clients to take photos of themselves before and after….and send it to you.

Before/after photos can also be used with your clients’ permission in your marketing materials. For example, you can include their story on your website or brochure.  Photos can give hope to other people going through similar health issues.

This is a sneak peek at one of the systems of the Consistent Clients Formula that my Consistent Clients Makeover Mentorship for Introverts clients are putting in place in their practice, so they can spend less time marketing and more time helping people. This and other powerful strategies from the most updated version of the Consistent Clients Formula system have allowed them to easily double their referrals & their income within 3 months.

Here are a few Consistent Clients Makeover Mentorship for Introvert stories from our grads:
“Before working with Chen, my case acceptance rate was 70-80%.  Since putting the Consistent Clients Formula in place, my case acceptance rate has been 100% since December (and it’s now May)!  My monthly income has doubled within 4 months and I’m on track for a 6-figure year. 
I’ve noticed more and more of current patients are referring friends and family to me.  I’ve also used what she taught that contributed to me getting picked up by major media, and it’s resulted in boosting my credibility as a go-to chiropractor in my area.

I’m extremely grateful to Chen for showing me how to be true and authentic with myself and the results that have followed.  I feel relieved I don’t have to market my practice the exhausting extroverted way.  –Dr. Jose Aguilar, DC”

“Even though I have been in practice for over 20 years, one of the main challenges for me has been to have a consistent flow of clients. I have been working with her over the past few months.  She has provided clear outlines in areas such as communicating with potential clients, improving credibility with clients, communicating uniqueness, more effective networking and more.  I have already begun to see the benefit in working with her (particularly in getting referrals from other clients and practitioners). I wish I had learned these approaches when I was starting practice!” –Dr. Michael Reece, ND, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Board of Directors 2013
UPDATE:  Michael now has a consistent practice with increasing monthly income, and is finding it easier to attract patients without having to do as much marketing

“Before working with Chen, I felt the economy had taken a toll on my practice.  Within a month of working with Chen, I had my biggest month of income since 2007, and surpassed the 90-day monthly income goal I set!  Instead of booking 54% of the people I talk to, I’m booking 86% to become my patients using the system Chen has given me.  Within 2 months, my practice is so busy that I needed to raise my fees.  I just offered my first package that my client took me up on!

I’m also getting unexpected interest from people wanting to send me referrals, using what Chen has taught me.”–E.H., LAc

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