A Holistic Practitioner’s Journey: $1500/mo to a 6-Figure Practice in a Year

Now that Christmas is over, more money has been spent this time of the year on buying presents, and the new year is around the corner, it’s a good time to look at your relationship with money. Did you have to be tight with your money during the holidays? Are you tired of not being able to break past what you’ve been making?

As part of the 6-Figure Introverted Holistic Practitioners Guest Expert Series, I’ll be interviewing Camden Hoch about healing your money story once and for all so there’s nothing holding you back from growing your practice just the way you want in 2014.  

Camden is a yoga instructor and radiance coach who went from suffering from lyme disease and autoimmune disease, to growing a business that was inconsistent with no higher than $1500/mo income. After reaching that ceiling, something significant changed which allowed her to grow her business to 6 figures within one year.  Here’s a special message from her to you.  She exposes a myth about money she discovered that was key to her making the huge shift to 6 figures within a year:

If you could dream big what is your vision for what you want and your lifestyle?  How much money do you specifically want to make in 2014? Do you want enough so that you can travel with your family?  What if you don’t have to look at price tags anymore? Do you want to buy your dream house or do you want enough that you can give even bigger to your favorite charity?

What if you could let go of old patterns that have been stopping you from living the life you want and making meaningful money in your business?

The biggest excuse and mistake I see people make when it comes to designing a life doing what they love is blaming money when they don’t get the results they want. Is money stopping you from living your rich and radiant life?  I’ve got to expose the myth: MONEY is not the problem.  It’s your attitude toward money AND this is the root of why you’re not having the wealth, abundance and joy in your life.

Do you believe money is there when you need it, or do you have negative thoughts about money? Do statements from your childhood like “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “you have to work harder to make money” ring in your head as you look at creating something new in your life? If so, you’re actually repelling money because of the old patterning and belief systems that you’re still carrying.

If you’re ready to unblock your money issues that are stopping you from having the success you deserve in your business and the life you want to live, join me for this special interview on Wed January 8 at 5 pm PT / 8pm ET! Enter your name and email to RSVP now:
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You’ll learn:

*A powerful life-changing formula to breakthrough your self-sabotaging patterns so you attract clients you love and fill your practice in 2014 (Camden used this to break 6 figures in less than a year)

*How a client went from bankruptcy to 6 figures in 1.5 years, and then multiple 6-figures within 3 years

*Unblock once and for all the old patterns that are keeping you stuck in your old money story (so that you can thrive in your practice, and double or triple your income next year!)

*3 Keys to attract new clients into your practice, make meaningful money, and claim your inner radiance.

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  1. Ilona on January 1, 2014 at 4:02 pm

    Will there be a replay. I live in Denmark and the time for the interview is in the middle of the night here 😉

    • Chen Yen on January 12, 2014 at 5:10 pm

      Hi Ilona, go ahead and register for the call…we will let you know if we will make a replay available.

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