5 Ways to Get an Instant, Natural Energy Boost

This time of year there are conflicting forces at work that can keep us from meeting our goals (if we let it!). Shorter days and busy schedules are a drain on the energy supply, yet we have so much we want to and have to do. Especially when the New Year comes around, you want to have the energy to dive head first into your resolutions for the year.

Instead of letting the momentary lack of energy drag you down, learn how to give yourself a quick boost to get you back on your feet. Here are five ways to do that when you’re feeling sluggish:

1. Go outside and get some sun. Even a short while outside can bolster your energy AND your mood. Take a quick walk, take some deep breaths, and soak up the sun. Exposure to nature has been linked with increased energy and a heightened sense of well-being. Plus, our bodies takes cues from the changes in light and dark. So get out of that office and find the closest source of natural light. Just a few minutes near a sunny window can do wonders!

2. Move! It might seem counterintuitive to work out when you’re already tired, but getting the blood pumping can be just what you need to shock your system and wake you up. Try a brisk walk or a few jumping jacks to get yourself moving and  enjoy an energy boost for hours afterwards.

3. Take a Mini-Nap. When you’re really tired mid-day, take a nap of no more than 30 minutes. A quick power nap will help you through the rest of your day. Just don’t go any longer than that, or you risk waking up feeling more groggy than you were before.

4. Take 5 and Clear Your Head. Even a short 5-minute meditation can instantly replenish you. So sit, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Relax your body and just let your thoughts float by.

5. Reach for Energy Food. Remember that what you put in your body is what you count on to fuel you for the day. Instead of grabbing for more sugary coffee or a candy bar, try some whole grains, fruits, and protien. Some whole grain crackers with cheese or a sliced apple with peanut butter will give you a long term steady energy supply.


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