How to Bring in an Extra 15-25 Patients/Mo from the Internet

Do you wish you would get more calls from people and when they call, they’re ready to work with you?

Getting the right approach going online can help you bring in an extra 15-25 patients or clients/mo.  Could you use an extra 15-25 clients/mo?

The challenge is that the internet is changing daily, and it’s hard to keep up with what’s working now & what’s not (PLUS find the time to do it all).  However, when you’re using it to your advantage, a potential patient can find you at 9 o’clock at night when he/she is done with work and has put the kids to bed.  And now he/she is ready to search for answers to her health concerns.

You could be getting extra inquiries or appointment bookings, without having to be “out there” marketing.

That’s what led me to decide to interview Dr. Patrick McNamara, DC.  Dr. McNamara owned his own successful practice that he grew with the power of the internet, sold it, then taught chiropractors how to also tap into the power of the internet to bring patients in the door.

After years of teaching at chiropractic seminars around the US, he noticed that most chiropractors weren’t implementing the things he taught, because of not having the time and not wanting to deal with technical things.

That’s what led him to build a system that would not only automate internet marketing for chiropractors and other holistic health practitioners, but it could also easily scale no matter how many people joined.

Join us in this upcoming interview of Dr. Patrick MacNamara, DC:
Supercharge Your Practice“How Use the Power of the Internet to Bring in an Extra 15-25 Clients/mo


You’ll learn:

  • Where to get more patients from the internet other than your website
  • The truth about SEO—is it really worth it?
  • The 2-step model to bringing in an extra 15-25 clients/mo

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