[Copy and paste] Text or email script to bring in more patients during the holidays

Is it slower around the December holiday time?
You’re taking time off, but you want to make up for it when you come back to work (including lost income for being gone).

Here’s a text or email you can send off to bring in new patients to help and cashflow now, especially since it’s close to Christmas.  You don’t have to treat them until after the New Year.  If it’s already after Christmas when you’re seeing this, you can still use ie, Template #2. 

You can use this template if you are a chiropractor, acupuncturist, naturopathic physician (just tweak it a little), or functional medicine practitioner.

Of course check with the laws of your state and profession before implementing anything.

Template #1:  If you are still shopping for holiday gifts, gift [INSERT YOUR HOLIDAY OFFER] to someone new – 3 visits for $XX or buy yourself XX visits & get X free. Hurry – Today Only!”

When to use this offer:
If you are open to giving a significant savings on treatments or sessions.  If you are already busy in your practice, use the “buy yourself an X number of visits” portion of the offer only for patients who haven’t been in for awhile (ie, 6 months).

Note:  You can make your offer just 1 visit (if you don’t want to offer 3 visits at a savings)
Hot tip:  The buy yourself an X number of visits and get X free can be more # of visits than the # of visits you offer for people purchasing for a friend.

Template #2: 
“I have appointment slots at 2, 4, and 5pm today!  Take care of yourself when things are crazy during the holiday season.  Text me back if you want one of those spots.”

When to use this offer:  When you don’t want to give people a savings or when you are not able to as per the laws of your state and profession

Template #3:
“Still have holiday shopping to do?  For today and tomorrow, buy 2 gift cards for the price of one!”

When to use this offer:  If you have services in your practice that don’t require 1-on-1 time, ie: if you have an infrared sauna, PEMF machine, laser machine, Acugraph, etc.  Or you could offer discovery sessions valued at $XXX (2 for 1) where you offer an initial consult with a scan/assessment that identifies an issue) during that visit (but don’t treat)  

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