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This practice’s sugar daddy

I was talking to an acupuncturist… Here’s the amazing thing:  before, she was bringing in $5k/mo.  Then something significant happened in her practice that led to her having more patients than she could see for the past 3 years. In fact, she was able to grow from that to bringing in $1 million in one year… “What in the world did she…

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Telling it like it is – does it turn off patients?

Do you tell it like it is (including about yourself) as you get older? What I’m like: Tell it like it is..with loveAlways believing in possibilityStubborn Spiritual seeker (experiencing blissfulness through meditation and levitation from the blessings of spiritual enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda was such a blessing of an experience;   on another note, I can’t believe…

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3 tips to boost the practice if it’s slow in the summer

Has it been slow in your practice this summer?  Or maybe August tends to be the slowest and you’re not looking forward to it… You’re not alone.  Patients go on vacation and then somehow drop off care.  What can you do to increase patient volume and income right now? Hot Tip #1:  Send out a…

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