Does it get slow in your practice during the holidays?  

Does it get slow in your practice during the holidays?  Cancellations & reschedules seem to happen more frequently, holiday closings, and people seem more interested in holiday season cheers than coming in.  But it doesn’t have to be slow.  It can be the busiest time for your practice all year. 

There are many holidays coming up & seasonal things that you can do to encourage patients to come in.  One of my team members was a chiropractic assistant who worked for a successful chiropractic office and she brought up some fun things they did in their office.   

For example, during Halloween they would guess how much a pumpkin weighs.  And then they would tie it back to chiropractic (ie, educating them on chiropractic).   

In celebration of Valentine’s Day in February. they would give out to every woman who came in the practice a rose that month.  Every person who came in to the practice would be entered into a drawing to win dinner for 2. 

An acupuncturist client of mine put together a cold & flu season acupuncture treatment package that included a supplement.  She offered it to her patients starting last month.  

Do you have an insurance-based practice?  Encourage people to use their insurance before their benefits run out.  Send out a postcard or even have your front office staff call your patients to encourage getting in before the end of the year.   

Have a cash-based practice?  You can remind people they can use their Health Savings Accounts. 

One key is to think about why now is the best time for a patient to come in.  Inspire and educate people with that in mind. 

There are still 2 months left to the year.  You can help many people before the end of the year.   

It’s also a great time to be planning ahead, so you don’t have unpredictable inconsistency in your practice.   

Set yourself up for success by starting to plan for the rest of the year & next year!  


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