Confessions of an Approval Addict in Recovery

REMOVE.  That was the content of an email I got 2 days ago.  I was curious who this person was, and as I looked her up, I noticed that she had been receiving our 6 & 7-Figure Practice Makeover tips for over a year.  I thought….what did she not like about the free Q&A Call invitation I just sent her, that led her to write REMOVE?
That same day, I had gotten an email from anther person (about something else): “I knew this was a sales pitch.  Remove me from your list.”

The first reaction I had was disappointment.  Then I wanted to defend myself.  Next, I had a moment of paranoia about whether I needed to improve on being too salesy, and how to improve.

The comments stung, because I want the holistic practitioners in my community to find what I teach helpful.  Receiving feedback is important & I value it, but I know I can go crazy if I took in everyone’s reactions about what I do or say being disappointed in myself.


Although my skin’s thicker these days from a lot of personal & spiritual growth  (I used to care a whole lot & it tortured me), I noticed that a part of me was still seeking approval.

Like my friend Amy Pearson, I am an approval addict in recovery.

Find out below what happened with the person who emailed REMOVE (she wrote me a 2nd email),

and how being free of The Approval Trap can actually be the key to getting paid what you deserve in your practice.

Where are you seeking approval in your practice, and how is it holding you back?  Are you not charging what you’re worth, because you’re afraid of rejection?

Are you not being strict about your cancellation policy, because you don’t want to be a “bad guy”?

Or maybe you feel bad telling your receptionist or staff member that they are not performing up to your standards, and you keep them around even though you should’ve fired them long ago.

You might feel uncomfortable to tell someone they really need your expertise now rather than delaying when someone tells you “I can’t afford it” or “I’ll call you when I can book a time”, because you are afraid of being pushy.

Where are you trying to be liked, more than you want to help the people who need you?

If you’re ready to be free of The Approval Trap to see your practice be in more of a flow rather than struggle, and start making a bigger paycheck….

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Now remember the person who wrote REMOVE in their email?  Today, I got an email back from the person who wrote that.
She said “I’m retired from my practice now”.

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