Tired of Clients Disappearing Before Finishing Their Treatment Plan?

Do you get frustrated by patients/clients disappearing before finishing their treatment plan?  Some get worse and even blame it on the treatment not working..

Ever get frustrated because people forget their progress, even though you see it?

Imagine if people actually followed your advice, noticed their progress, and came back for visits to complete their treatment plan.  And best of all, people would get better results with their health issue.

Here is one of the many practice makeover tips we covered at the recent Introvert Power & Impact live event that can help you with that:

Encourage a treatment plan & your patient/client’s commitment to it by offering a package.

When you do this, instead of hoping of hoping your clients will listen to your advice, you’ll save energy and time from having to help your patient/client see the value of coming back after each visit. Also, if your clients experience dips in how they feel, they won’t write it off as your treatments as not working. Instead of disappearing, they will stick to the plan you’ve recommended for them.

Already offering packages?  Read below for a couple of key distinctions, and stay tuned in the next blog article for a couple of “leg up” moves that come straight from the step-by-step I covered at the Introvert Power & Impact live event about one way to stop trading dollars for hours (which is now available as a home study CD system.  Get it now at the pre-release savings by clicking the link & entering POWER600)

A few key distinctions from what you may already be doing:

These packages are more than just a series of treatments (ie, a 5-session package).
For example, a chiropractor client of mine is successfully charging $3500 for a treatment plan which includes a certain # of session commitment upfront. Although that’s one way of offering packages, she’s too busy and is ready to be leveraging her time.  How can she add more value, and have clients who happily pay her the same or more it?

Her new package offering can include other things that can help her clients with their progress. For example, it may include a support group, an audio/video training on something that she often says over & over again during client visits (she can have them listen to it before their visits), supplements, or trackers/accountability journals.

It can even include a class/program that another person teaches (ie, a cooking class or a detox program). These are just a few possibilities about how to offer high-value packages that we covered at the Introvert Power & Impact event last weekend.

For example, a health coach I know includes a “42-Day Jumpstart to Permanent Weight Loss Journal”, a “Dietary Assessment Quiz”, and an “Aligned Eating Toolkit”. A naturopath in Orange County has designed a package that includes “The Busy Person’s Stress Buster Course” and it includes in-person visits with her.

Are you starting to see the possibilities?

Or do you notice resistance come up?  Do you find yourself thinking, “how will people take me up on packages when they say they can’t afford one session?”

One of the most common things that happens when trying to offer packages is getting disappointed that people don’t take you on them, so you go back to the way you were offering your services—trading dollars for hours.

The truth is that people are more interested in paying for potential outcomes than they are to see you for another hour.

You just need to know how to offer them in a way that they will see the value in saying yes.  It just requires you designing the right package and getting better at leading the conversation to help your clients see the value. Especially when you start offering higher value packages and charge more for it (ie, in the hundreds or thousands of dollars range), it requires another level of confidence & mastery with how you talk about the value of following through with a package/treatment plan.

Other practitioners are doing it, so why can’t you?

This is just one of the several ways covered at Introvert Power & Impact on how to attract more committed high-paying clients and stop trading dollars for hours.

To receive exact templates & the step-by-step of how to design and start offering high-value packages that people are ready to hand their money over for, click here to purchase the home study CD system from Introvert Power & Impact event.  Enter your special savings code:  POWER600.  Take advantage of the pre-release significant savings right now before it’s officially released (where I spend money making a pretty sales page) and the investment goes up.

The home study system includes templates and brand new scripts of growing a 6-figure plus practice that I’ve never shared before.  It also includes recordings of all 3 days of the Introvert Power & Impact live event. They will guide you towards your 6-figure plus practice that gives you freedom, in a way that’s comfortable for you as an introvert.  If you’re an extrovert, you can expect to spend less time marketing, and more time helping people.  It also includes what to do so people actually recognize their progress/improvement, and appreciate what you’re doing for them.

To you getting more committed clients who listen to your advice.  And to you freeing up your time while making the same or more.

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