4 types of online speaking opportunities

If you don’t wish to do in-person marketing (or if you feel limited by in-person marketing), what’s one of the best strategies to bring patients inOne thing that you always have is your voice.  If you like educating people, speaking is one of the best approaches for attracting new patients (including telehealth or clients for your virtual practice).  

reach more people onlineYou can reach more people at once, even beyond your immediate geographic area.  

Of the many conversations I’ve been having with LAcs, DCs, NDs, and functional medicine practitioners day in & day out, hands down speaking is still one of THE most effective approaches.  But how?  

You can do it online.

Here are 4 types of online speaking opportunities: 

online webinars1.  Webinar.  A webinar is one of my favorite ways to attract patients or another stream of income online.  Why?  Because you can create one signature talk and give it to different audiences.  And you don’t even have to leave your house.  Our 6-Figure Speaking system for Introverts helps with this.

If you’re an introvert like me, you don’t have to worry about how you look on video because you don’t have to be on video.  Yes, I confess, I’ve done webinars while in my pajamas and my hair up in a ponytail..and you can too.

online remote workThe best part about doing webinars is that once it’s converting, you can get it on autopilot.  You can automate it and it can be bringing you patient leads (in-person or telehealth).  It can also bring in another stream of income online (ie, group or automated online programs/courses, or sales of things such as supplements, products, etc).  

online podcast2.  Podcast. Podcasts are another way to get the word out online.  They are easy to get booked on if you are knowledgeable about your subject and have a topic you can talk about that is interesting and relevant to the podcast show.  

fleeting onlineThe drawback is that the audience tends to be more fleeting when it comes to podcasts.  They may be driving, at the gym, and somewhat distracted while listening to it (how many times have you listened to a podcast and after 10 minutes of it, you didn’t remember a word that was said and had to rewind?)  The likelihood of someone taking you up on what you have to offer right away and be ready for it is often smaller than a webinar.  

Another drawback of a podcast is that if you are the host of a podcast, people may get comfortable just listening and learning from the podcast and not take action on what you bring up in the podcast.

Of course, it is still a great way to build trust.  Many highly educated people listen to podcasts.

We’ve had clients who have gotten patients from being on other people’s podcasts.  For example, a naturopathic physician client was on a podcast cash from online podcastand made thousands of dollars from it because we worked on what to say in her podcast that would also bring in patients (Hint: she incorporated the structure of a signature talk that converts in her podcast interview). 

When you are strategic with what you cover in the podcast, it’s possible to get patients from it.  For example, when we work with our clients we have a template for being interviewed and key points to cover to not only educate but also inspire new patients to come from the podcast opportunities.

The reach of the host is an important consideration if you’d like to be selective about what you say yes to.  If someone is completely brand new, has only done a couple of podcasts and doesn’t have an existing community of followers, you may want to be realistic about the kind of reach you may get from it.

Also remember, simply exposure does not equal new patients.  Exposure + the right strategy = new patients.

As a whole, podcasts can be good for bringing in potential new patients now, but it’s often better as a long-term strategy.  It’s something that is done once and people can be listening to it for years to come.  

online interview

Using interview to bring in more patients

3.  Interview. Interviews are great, because a host is positioning you as an expert.  Or, you can interview other practitioners.  How can that bring you more patients, though?  You can mutually interview each other, expose each other to your respective connections, and expand the reach you both have.

One of my acupuncturist clients interviewed another practitioner last week (all done online 🙂 and has already gotten a new patient from it.

Common concerns are that if someone else has a bigger reach than you do (ie, they have patients and you don’t have any), then why would they want to interview you?  Another concern is that what if you don’t have much of a reach yourself? 

If they have patients and you don’t have any, don’t worry.  Someone can still be interested in interviewing you for your perspective and knowledge. 

If you’re concerned that you don’t have much of a reach yourself, just start establishing your reach.  You need to start somewhere.  You can do whatever it takes to get the word out about them, ie: interview them via Facebook Live, You Tube, etc.  If you are making your best effort and the topic is interesting, you will garner interest.

online live videos

use online videos to educate patients online

4.  Video. Video is really great, because you can create it once and it can be distributed through many channels: FB Live, You Tube, email to your patient base/community, on your website, etc.  Because most videos are on the shorter side, they can be easily consumed by people.  

A client of ours is booked out weeks in advance right now because she is using this strategy beautifully.  She is doing FB Lives using our Facebook Live Patient Attraction Formula in addition to posting on Facebook using the framework we teach.

Here’s another client of us turning Facebook Lives into paid consults:


The drawback, though, is that because videos often tend to be on the shorter side, it can be fleeting.  People may watch it, get distracted, and go on to do something else. 

Videos work best when you are consistent especially in at least one medium (or do a one really good one and run ads to it).  If you are doing a launch of something such as an online group program, it’s helpful to do a professional 3-part series video that includes requesting people putting their name and email in to receive the series.

One of my mentors whom I highly invested to work with and participated in a year-long mastermind with other 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs until he stopped offering it…I saw him for 10 seconds on video and decided I wanted to work with him. 

Sometimes, decisions are made on an intuitive basis, and don’t require much words to be said.

online presence in video People can see your presence on video and see if they resonate with you energetically.  You can magnetize people who resonate and repel those who don’t faster through video.  You just need to be putting your videos in front of the right platforms and have a strategy.  Simply doing a bunch of videos may attract followers, but remember just more followers does not equal new patients (or clients).  You must have a strategy in place that works.

My favorite:  My personal favorite approach is the webinar.  Why?  Because it is something that people still carve out the time for when it’s very relevant.  People also have more time to develop a connection with you and understanding of what you have to offer vs ie, just a short video.

Regardless of which type of speaking online you prefer, get a signature talk in place that converts and re-purpose it for different platforms:  webinars, interviews, podcasts, videos.   Otherwise, you can do a ton of interviews, podcast, and videos and be disappointed at the lack of patients from it compared to the amount of work you’ve done.

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