How to hire motivated people you don’t have to micromanage

Isn’t it frustrating to have staff and feel you have to look over their shoulders, or things don’t get done up to the standards you have?

After making many mistakes hiring and then reluctantly firing (I admit I’m not very good at firing) over the years, one thing that I’ve found challenging as an owner of a business is being involved with motivating your staff.  Can you relate to this? 

You would love it if people were self-motivated and inspired themselves.  

You either start hiring because you are too busy and find help out of necessity you, because you’re going down the path of burnout.  Or, you like the idea of hiring to be able to free up your time to see more patients (or perhaps scale back because you want to spend more time with your family or have freedom to travel more…).  

You hire and the most exciting day is the day you hire.  Then you find yourself having to manage people.  You didn’t get into this profession to manage people.  So you either deal with it and do your best…or decide it isn’t for you, so you scale back to being by yourself again (or maybe just you + front desk staff and maybe a clinical assistant like a chiropractic assistant or medical assistant).  But over time you realize it’s not sustainable.  Who is going to see patients for you when you’re not there?  Money isn’t coming in when you’re not there either. 

It would be nice to have self-motivated people whom you don’t have to manage.

A few lessons I’ve learned over the years:

     1.  You can’t motivate people who can’t motivate themselves (even if you are the best motivator in the world, it’ll likely wear you out)
     2.  Motivation is usually not identified in the hiring process if you’re asking cookie cutter interview questions
     3.  Motivation for the interview isn’t the same as motivation for the job
     4.  Just because someone is motivated doesn’t mean they’re good at it or that it’s their natural skill set.

Hot Tips to Hire the Right Person Who Motivates Themselves

Tip #1 Have screening tools and questions during the screening process that suss out motivation.

Being aligned with your mission, vision, and values is one important foundation that can motivate someone.  But that’s not the only thing.  For example, one thing that I always include are specific questions on the job application that help suss out motivation.  If people don’t fill it out, their application is deleted without a second chance.  

People who go above and beyond during the process and who respond quickly are often correlated more with success than if they just did what was required. 

“How you do anything is how you do everything” as T Harv Eker, author of the New York Times Best Selling Books Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, one of my mentors often said.  I believe that and have seen it prove out over time.

However, just because someone is motivated for the interview doesn’t mean they are just as motivated in the job…..

#2 Identify top performance objectives of the role you’re hiring for.  For each, ask the candidate to describe accomplishments they’ve had in their previous jobs that are comparable and give several examples of where they went the extra mile in each area.  People who just get by doing the work likely will have trouble coming up with several examples in each.  Also, this is an area to ask references about also, because past performance is a great indicator and a supervisor has an insightful perspective to provide.

#3 Have a screening tool in place that helps identify natural strengths and their natural way of how they go about solving problems.  One screening tool we use identifies that, and it has been enlightening because the people who haven’t work out always have had certain red flags I chose to ignore because I liked the person.

Something I’ve also learned is that even if the natural way of how they solve problems or go about doing things was a great fit for the role, if our styles of how we’d go about doing things were so different (styles between the supervisor and the person being managed), it became frustrating points for both of us.  If we understood each other better and had upfront conversations about this, I believe the outcome would have been different.

If someone is demonstrating at work that they not motivated based on their actions, let that person go.  An unmotivated person taints the morale of the whole business.  It drags even high performers down.  I’ve learned that lesson from..guess what?  Experience.

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