The Blue Man Group and your practice

Been walking along the streets of London and seeing many shows playing…
As I was trying to decide which one to go to, it made me think of something that one of my mentors Dean Jackson shared with me about the Blue Man Group vs. Siegfried and Roy.

Do you remember Siegfried and Roy in Las Vegas? They were on the Forbes list as one of the top entertainers. They did 8 shows a week, 42 weeks per year. That’s a lot of shows every week they did themselves. They were doing alright, bringing in $35 million.

Then, further up on the list was the Blue Man Group doing $69 million. The interesting thing is that they had shows all over the country and performed concurrently.

Get this: the original guys who started the group don’t even perform anymore. They have many blue men performing for them. Apparently when they first started, the same people were not always available in the group, so they would paint their faces blue and then anyone could cover.

When you see Siegfried and Roy, you’re expecting to See Siegfried and Roy. You don’t want to see two random guys & a tiger. You’d be disappointed if you didn’t see them.

But when you see the Blue Man Group, you don’t even think about who is performing…you just know you are going to go to an awesome show and that’s all you care about.

Literally, a few months after my mentor had thought about this, Roy got mauled by a tiger and that was the end of it.

The problem with Siegfried and Roy was that it wasn’t scalable. They had built their brand around them and when they weren’t there, people weren’t interested.

On the other hand, the Blue Man Group founders are very well off… and nobody knows who they are.

They’ve built a system around their business instead of themselves as their brand. And that system sets them free.

When it comes to your business, you always have the choice of building your practice around your personality and your own skills only, but that comes at a price…

What would happen to your business if something unexpected happened to you?

Will your systems or team take care of your patients?
Will money still keep coming in?

Why not have a 6 or 7-figure business model that makes you money, so you have the freedom of taking off when you want to…..and the security of money coming in even when you’re not there?

Taking home a lot more of what you make (and even tripling it) is totally possible when you have the right 6 or 7-figure practice model in place. HINT:  It’s not a traditional practice model.

A painful 6-figure business is not necessary.  Are you ready for YOUR 6 or 7-figure leap this year?   

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