How to Grow Your Practice (and Revenue) Quickly Through Hiring

How to Grow Your Practice (and Revenue) Quickly Through Hiring by Introverted Visionary

I have a confession to make. I like to do everything myself and find it hard to let go of control.  I have high standards because of how I want my clients to be taken care of and it was really tough to let go, because it felt hard to find people who would do it as good as me.

If you were to tell me back then in that business that I would be able to in a year’s time shift to having a business that allowed me to show up and collect a check once a week while people were still being helped, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I knew my biggest limitation to growing my business was time.  I was spending too much time doing low-value tasks that were simply keeping my business running, not growing.  Even when I had help, though, I was still doing too many things I shouldn’t be doing and that weren’t the best use of my time.

Have you ever felt like that? If you have, you’re not alone.  The good news: you can fix it.

Where Does Your Time Go?

Think about how your day is spent. How much time do you spend on tasks that only make you $15 an hour? How much time do you spend on tasks that make you $25, $50, $100 (or even $1000-yes you heard me right) an hour? I’m willing to guess that you’re not thrilled about the amount of time you spend on those $15 tasks (you know– the paperwork and the admin stuff that you’d rather not have to deal with….all those things that take time away from you just being the doctor/practitioner).

They’re the number one thing hindering your ability to grow.

They eat up your time needlessly.  By finding the right hire to take them off your plate, you can catapult your business into new levels of success.

Just finding someone to help you fill a hole right now may not be enough. It may be short-sighted and lead to management headaches. If you make that decision instead from having your boldest vision in mind, the decision may look very different.

I had a client who we helped usher into seven-figures this year. When he first came to me, he was working in a full-time job but had started his own functional medical practice on the side.  We got him busier quickly. Very cool. 

When we started working together, I asked him some pretty pointed questions and he had a big “aha” moment, when he realized how the role he was excited to hire was actually not the right role if he wanted to grow and scale faster.

Consequently, he completely changed the way he looked at hiring and made a strategic decision he swears he never would have made if I hadn’t had him look at things differently. It was that decision that helped him get to his seven-figure income this year—and quit his other job entirely. So rewarding to see!

Common Roadblocks to Hiring

I know that all sounds well and good, and I also know that you’ve probably got some questions and concerns that are throwing up some roadblocks to your own hiring – totally common! It can be hard to give up control of portions of your practice, or maybe you feel like your patients will keep asking for you, so it’s hard to step back and focus more on the business side of things. 

It can feel a little scary, but in order to get you to that next level in your business, it’s going to take a shift in your mindset from practitioner to CEO. When you’re operating purely from the perspective of a practitioner, you’re wearing so many different hats that you simply don’t have the time to lead your business in the direction you want to go. It’s like being stuck in a hamster wheel. The truth is, it’s not sustainable. You will likely burn out. And even if you don’t, how will your practice continue to help people if something unexpected happens to you, or you need to take time off for something unexpected in life?

But think about this. What if hiring an associate or an assistant could let you spend more time in your zone of genius – that place where you really thrive and makes you money… and have more freedom? What if hiring could be what changes your entire business model, and you actually make money from the associates you hire? 

Exciting news for you – that can happen. Why? Because hiring the right associate means they will bring in patients for you. They’re invested in building your business because they want to see more patients and help more people.  

Imagine having a self-managing team that knows who you are, what you want and how to execute your vision without you micromanaging them (even though that’s such an easy rabbit hole to fall down).  Imagine being able to take time off when you want to, while patients are still being helped and money is still coming in.

Big takeaway – hiring the right people and the roles in the right order to support you is key to a self-managing team, so you can spend time doing the things that make your practice thrive will take you to a whole new level in your business and have you doing the things you love the most. 

That was the key that allowed me to go from feeling the growing pains of managing my team to being able to show up once a week and just collect a check (while people were still being helped without my having to be there).

If I could do it, you can do it too!

Ready to Figure Out Your Next Step to Free Up Your Time While Helping More People?

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