Life as an entrepreneur 😂 chiropractor, acupuncturist, naturopathic doctor, functional medicine practitioner

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1) Wake up inspired 💡
2) Meditate, go to the gym, or go for a walk 🧘 📱 🏃
3) There are empty spaces in your calendar 📅
4) You post on social media and 21 minutes later, you find yourself checking out another friend’s post that caught your attention. You had to comment on it
5) You still don’t have a strategy
6) First patient of the day is a no show 🤬
7) You are happy that you don’t have a boss but you realize that you probably need a boss to tell you what to do….still not enough patients 🙈
8) You answer a call about your services 📞
9) After 1 minute, your potential patient says “do you accept insurance?” and that’s the end of the conversation
10) Money is not rolling in; you still have those big student loans/ growing credit card debt and you owe more interest every day. You try not to think about it 💰
11) You finally get another call 🎉
12) It’s an SEO company trying to sell you their services and convincing you that you will be rolling in patients 💻
13) You decide not to spend any money because you need to make more money first
14) You remind yourself that things are going to get better
15) You know you’re perfectly capable, but marketing is not something you enjoy doing. You procrastinate.
16) You decide if you’re a better clinician, more patients will come! So you sign up for more training and certification
17) The phone is still not ringing 😢
18) You think maybe you should do something different about this. But you feel scattered
19) Some other company calls and tells you social media is going to bring in patients.
20) You drink the koolaid 🍹
21) You now have money going out paying a company to do social media for you
22) You keep going 🏃♂
23) You post on Facebook 👍🏻 It feels good to do something
24) You get 2 likes (your mom and dad) 👪
25) You’re an introvert. It’s really uncomfortable, but things aren’t working, so you try to meet people or go to different businesses.
26) You hand out business cards and put yourself out there. People seem interested but they don’t call
27) The social media thing isn’t working yet, so the company tells you that you need to keep running it for longer so it works
28) You drink the koolaid again 🍹
29) You get frustrated because you are smart. Why aren’t more patients coming in?
30) You realize nobody cares 🤷♂
31) You ask yourself if you even care 🤔
32) You wonder if you should spend money on an ad in the paper instead. The social media thing is still not working
33) You think there must be a better way to get your name out there 👊🏻
34) But you don’t know what to do 😔
35) You’re fed up. You decide you need help.
You just want to see more patients.

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