Hot Tip #1: Start getting paid for your virtual practice

A hot tip about what’s working well for our acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, and functional medicine clients right now.  Stay tuned in an upcoming blog article for Hot tip #2.

You know how people have all sorts of questions?  Do you often give away so much for free?  Don’t underestimate the value of your knowledge and start getting paid for your virtual sessions.

One of our clients, Dr. Jaquel Patterson, ND, MBA, a naturopathic physician, is getting patients booking for telemedicine appointments simply by suggesting people book 15-min appointments if they have a question about something.  They are now paying her for the consults.

What she found was that typically a general question often required nuances to apply to that patient’s individual situation, so it often required more than just a quick answer anyway.  

DO–> Consider the value of what you’re providing and draw boundaries of charging for your expertise.

Then you just need to have a system that works to get the word out beyond your existing patients.  

Want help with this?  Get in with us to see how we can help you bring in cashflow quickly and monetize your expertise beyond seeing patients in person.   

If you’re still open, let’s get you busier. 

P.S.  I’m thinking about doing a FREE masterclass for you next week on pivoting your practice to a virtual practice quickly.  Tell me what your biggest question is right now, so I can cover what’s most relevant. 

Now, about patients canceling or not coming in because of being afraid of the coronavirus…this is where my clients who have online-based wellness businesses or have another stream of income coming in beyond seeing patients 1-on-1 are so grateful to have set things up to help people that way. 

Have you been wanting to do something like that, but haven’t pulled the trigger?  Sometimes it’s times like these that propel us forward in actually doing something about those desires.

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If you missed it, catch the replay of “How to Coronavirus-Proof Your Practice + Monetize Your Expertise During these Uncertain Times” (even if you have to close down)

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