Holistic Health Practitioners: Why Patients You Don’t Like Keep Coming to You

Do you get frustrated working with patients and clients you don’t enjoy working with?  One main reason why many holistic health practitioners have trouble getting patients/clients they enjoy working with is because most practitioners have resigned to be a commodity, whether they realize it or not.  They know they’re special and potential patients/clients would be attracted because of wanting to be healed by them, but it’s hard for potential clients to find that out.

Do you ever notice how hard it is to find the right physician without being referred by someone you know or trust?  Last time I looked for a family practice physician (MD) and had a time crunch to do so because of my travel schedule, I went to my insurance company’s website and ended up choosing someone based on his # of years experience, area of interest, how he looked (whether he looked happy and appeared to have good energy), where he graduated (from Harvard), and whether his interests aligned with mine.  I couldn’t tell the difference between who was good and who wasn’t, because everyone’s description looked similar.  And I’m a pharmacist!

When I chose my first naturopathic doctor, I couldn’t tell from naturopaths’ websites who would be the best fit, so I resigned to picked one from Bastyr University who was a professor and who was highly regarded in family medicine.  Is that the only way you want your patients to be making a decision about who to choose as their health practitioner or coach?  No wonder you may not attract the patients you think you should, or when you attract them, you don’t really like who you’re working with.

How do you stop being a commodity and be attractive to those you want to attract?  Get clear on what I call Your Unique Attraction Factor and make it be known.  One aspect of Your Unique Attraction Factor is getting clear on what makes you unique and your work special, compared to all the other people offering similar services.  If you confidently express it to the patients you most to work with, they can’t help but be drawn to work with you.  Express it in a way that people will pay attention because it is 1) specific, 2) different from the crowd, 3) authentic and transparent.

If you want to learn more about Your Unique Attraction Factor and how to make yourself unique so that patients/clients “get it”, stay tuned for my upcoming teachings on this.  In the meantime, have you accessed the 5 Simple Secrets to Attracting a Waiting List of Clients yet?  If not, get your free gift now to get you started thinking differently about marketing your practice.  The truth is, you are not a commodity.  You are special!  Make sure your potential patients/clients know that!

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