Do Introverted Holistic Health Practitioners Have More Trouble than Extroverts Attracting Patients/Clients?


Are you tired of being seen as being “reserved”, “shy”, “slow”, or not having ideas to offer up quickly in a group situation?  And how you may not be as valued as those who openly display what they’re thinking?  I used to think something was wrong with me.  In group situations, for example, it would take me awhile to come up with ideas.   I’m also someone who won’t talk unless I feel I have something valuable to say.

Image Courtesy of Elizabeth Wagele’s “The Happy Introvert”

This is different from an extrovert who may have ideas coming off their tongue quickly in a group situation and has no hesitation sharing what’s on their mind.  In our society, an extraverted nature is often viewed as being more favored as an introverted nature (even though introverts are just as intelligent).Have you ever thought how being an introvert can affect how well y