Using a Hiring Screening Process That Works

Are you tired of your search for a new hire? The hiring techniques you’re using aren’t getting you those applicants who really fit into your practice and you find yourself spending hours sifting through countless resumes… then sitting down for hours of interviews that go nowhere. It’s time to get a hiring screening process that works for you.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to… 

  • Save time when you’re looking to hire
  • What to ask and look for when screening candidates
  • How to do reference checks that give you the information you really need

Let’s get started. 

I have a few questions for you…

Are you in a place in your practice where you’re seeing enough patients, but there just doesn’t seem to be quite enough time in the day?

Or are you at a point where you’re ready to grow your practice and you need to free up some of that time you spend doing admin tasks, so you can see more patients and feel like not everything is dependent on you?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then great job, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time for you to hire – and it’s critical that you get the right person to fit into your practice. How do you do that?

Answer: By using a tried-and-true screening process that works to find you a hire who understands your vision and mission, shares your values, and will help you free up your time to focus on high-value tasks that grow your business. 

The Process of Screening

There are four key pieces to think about when you’re looking for that great new hire. They will not only get you your ideal candidate, but save you tons of time because you won’t be sifting through hundreds of resumes or sitting down for countless hour-long interviews.

Let’s not waste any time and dive into them.

Preparing For Short Interviews

Let me ask you something. How much time are you spending on one-on-one interviews that lead nowhere? My guess is too much, and there is an easy workaround to this.

One of the things that I do with my acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopathic doctor, and functional medicine practitioner clients is to have them do very short phone interviews where they ask key questions that really matter. Don’t be afraid to do this instead of sitting down for an hour with an applicant and wasting time, when it’s maybe clear five minutes into talking that this isn’t the right fit. 

That is time that you could have spent seeing patients, spending time with the people you care about, resting…. anything really. It might seem like a small chunk of time to get back, but think about how that time adds up and what it could mean for both your business and your life.

Asking The Right Questions On The Phone 

So you know you need to shorten up your initial interviews, and it’s okay to do them over the phone to save time.

So what DO we ask during that quick phone interview? Some of the things I dig into are…

  • What attracted you to this opportunity?
  • If you were to design your workday however way you’d like, what kinds of things would you love to be doing in a typical day?
  • What is important in what you’re looking for in a job?

I love questions like these. They give people a chance to really tell me what they want to be doing, rather than what they think I want to hear. You know the ones I mean, the ones we all go to interviews prepared to answer. 

A Testing Tool that Helps Assess the Right Fit

Ever heard of this one? I hadn’t either until a few years ago. Then I was introduced to this one tool through some business masterminds that I was a part of with other 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs. They kept talking about this one tool, and then my mentors started bringing it up.

In my head, I thought I already had a process that worked, so why bother? 

Then one day, I realized there was a theme within what everyone was saying about it… so why not at least check it out? It must be helpful if everyone I look to is talking about it. 

I used it – and it was eye-opening. It digs into how people really like to work, giving you the information you need to understand if that applicant will fit into your business and how they can bring the most value to your team. It is not a personality test, but something else.

I want to share with you how this test helped my business.

I had a person on my team, whom I really liked, and I wanted to make it work with them being a part of my business. I kept thinking that I had to change my style of leadership and the way I was doing things in order to make their employment work.

Finally I did this test on this person.

It came back as showing they were not a good match at all for the position. I liked this person, respected them, wanted them to do well…but this job just wasn’t the right fit for them. It didn’t necessarily mean this was someone who couldn’t work in my business, just not in that role. And that was okay!

I don’t want to say that this screening tool is your be-all and end-all… but it’s so helpful when you’re figuring out who is going to fit into the right seats on the right bus. Just because someone doesn’t fit into a particular role in your business or is a fit for your business at all, doesn’t mean either one of you is bad for what you’re doing. It’s just not a good fit, and this test helps uncover that.

I talk about what this test is and show it to you in How to Find the Right Hire to Grow Your Practice Faster (and save Time, Stress, and Turnover), so you can use it as part of your screening process.

Checking References

The final piece of the hiring puzzle, and one of the most important,  is checking references. This part is all about asking the right questions so a candidate’s references give you the information that will really benefit you.

I take a similar approach to these questions as I do when interviewing candidates. I stay away from those run-of-the-mill, leading questions that are typically asked and go for the broader questions where people have a chance to tell me how they really feel. 

Asking a question like, “What advice would you give someone who is leading/supervising this candidate?” is a great way to get someone thinking and provide you with their true sense of your potential hire. And it will give you insight into working even more effectively together if you choose to hire them.

The Final Takeaway

Your screening process is a powerful tool that can empower you to bring in your ideal candidates and even shift how you’re delegating out your work. 

It can truly transform how your business runs and give you back the time you need to focus on the aspects of your practice you love the most – or time to do other things in your life that you’ve been missing out on. 

To help you dig into this further, I want to invite you to watch the FREE Masterclass How to Find the Right Hire to Grow Faster (and save Time, Stress, and Turnover), so you can learn all about it and start making an even bigger difference with your practice. 

You deserve to get that time back and have the fulfilling practice you’ve been working so hard to build. 

How to Maximize Your Employee Retention by by Introverted Visionary

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