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How to grow a 6-figures+ wellness business online quickly

You love what you do, but you’re tired of days going by and hardly having any free time.  Life is passing you by. There are only so many patients you can see. If you have other people working for you, chances are that you used to take home more money in your practice when it…

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High Deductibles of Obama Care and the Trend towards Concierge Medicine

Have you ever considered having a concierge practice model?  The shortage of physicians expected from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in the next 5 years, plus the reality of high deductibles for people who don’t get insurance coverage through their jobs ($2927 for Silver plans or $5181 Bronze plans for individuals; $6,010 for…

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Do you have a hire who is like an ex?

Do you have a hire who is like an ex? It starts off with you thinking “maybe this won’t work out”.  But then something good happens (or some redeeming thing), so then you think, “well, maybe this will work out afterall”. One of my clients is experiencing this right now.  She is making some changes…

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