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You’ve made it to the top few % of all practices. The challenge now is that you feel like you are at a plateau, but you’re not sure what to do to. You aren’t sure how to grow it without the burden of double the responsibility. The more you make, the more expenses there are. It’s not feeling as fun anymore.

You’re not getting any younger, but you still don’t have as much money saved up for retirement as you would like. You can’t take extended time off without really feeling the dip in income. You would also like your associates to be busier, but you seem to always still have to be the one pulling people in. You feel like you’re working way too hard for the money you’re taking home. You’d love to have a practice that runs without you, and even a 7-figure practice with other streams of income, but you’re not sure how to do that without it being a lot of work.

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