Lynda Dean-Duru, holistic pediatric dentist

Lynda Dean-Duru and how she dealt with large insurance write-offs


Lynda Dean-Duru talks about how she’s helping kids with her cutting edge practice. 
She had been in practice for over 30 years (22 of which she’s been a pediatric dentist).

Lynda had issues with insurance reimbursements, having to write off a significant amount
of what she billed for which caused stress financially, especially since she had a large staff.
Now she’s attracting patients who appreciate her services.

She found it challenging to express what differentiated them from other practices even though she knew her practice was unique.

Then she started working with us in our Introverted Visionaries Mastermind.

She no longer has to deal with the hassles of insurance and can instead focus more on patient care.
Lynda shares what helped her get busier with cash patients, what she offers in her practice, and her vision.

Her patients appreciate the cutting edge technology she incorporates in her practice.
For example, over 95% of her patients don’t have to get Novocaine for their work.
Lynda’s practice has been consistently voted top pediatric dental practice in the area over the past 5 years.

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