Your choice of wardrobe in practice success

Ever thought “what should I wear today?” 

You looked in your closet and thought, I have nothing to wear. 

Have you ever considered how the choice of color, print, and style can make a difference in how people perceive you?  Including your potential patients and referrers… 

Join me in this FREE webinar, hosted by my stylist Liana Chaouli. 

It can help you be seen as a go-to practitioner (or not) & is something to be aware of.  Yes, even the scrub color can make a difference in how you look if you wear scrubs.  How do you choose color? 

Ever notice a color or print look great on someone else, but it makes you look pale? 

I’m excited about a special FREE online masterclass you’re invited to on 
3 Keys to Choosing Colors That Are Perfect For YOU!” 

Hosted by my stylist who is more than just a stylist.  She has an incredible gift for seeing you and the next level of your innate potential…often far in advance of when you even have the ability to recognize it in yourself and she dresses you for it.  

Liana Chaouli has been a stylist for entrepreneurs, celebs in Hollywood, and has been offered her own show on TV, but she’s turned them down because she feels most shows just focus on dressing you and making you look like a different person vs. dressing you from the soul inside and out to that upleveled version of YOU. 

What you choose to wear when you meet people, in the photo you have on your website, when you meet providers who could be sending you referrals, or when you see patients (even scrub color) matters.   

You are sending a message to your potential patients by your choice of outfit and color, whether or not you think it matt