A Couple of Top Introverted Marketing Strategies

30-50% of us are introverts.  We don’t like making small talk, and the idea of dragging ourselves to networking meetings to meet a bunch of people we don’t know, or forcing ourselves to always be putting ourselves “out there” feels exhausting.  

We introverts need a different approach to become in demand.  We like it when people come to us.

Doing lots of things for people to know about us can be tiring, especially when it’s not working very well.
What if you could put 1-2 things in place that would bring you a predictable flow of clients?  Then you won’t have to spend all this time forcing ourselves to market in a way that’s uncomfortable for us.

There are several strategies that work great for us introverts to get clients predictably.
Here are 2 of them:

Clients Coming to You Through a Steady Stream of Referrals
Imagine getting a consistent flow of referrals, where other people are constantly sending you clients.  You won’t have to do as much marketing.  That way you can just focus on helping people.  You may already be getting referrals, but it’s not like you can count on that keeping your practice full.  What could you do to set things up so you get a consistent flow of referrals?

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Attracting Clients by Speaking your Truth

Have you considered doing talks to get clients?  This is for you if you enjoy teaching and sharing what you know with people.  There’s nothing faster than showing up, doing a talk, and get more clients in 1 hr than from a month of networking….if you know what you’re doing.  There’s an introverted way of doing talks also, so you don’t have to do a bunch of in-person talks every week like extroverts might.

Tired of putting in all this effort to do a talk, but few people show up for your talks?

Do you do talks, and people tell you “that was a great talk!” but you get disappointed because you don’t hear back from many of them ever again?  You don’t want to be pushy though…

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