Why Ending Your Talk with a Q&A Can Be Costly

Q&A WebinarDo you currently do Talk Q&As at the end of your talk or webinar?   You do them because people have questions.  But did you know it is one of the biggest conversion killers? It can significantly decrease the # of patients/clients your talk will bring in.

Here’s a tip from the 6-Figure Speaking System for Introverts on why a Q&A at the end of your talk can actually decrease the # of patients/clients your talk may bring in:

1.  You have just taken the time to educate and point out why it’s important to take the next step (with what you’re offering from the talk).  But the audience’s last impression is NOT taking that next step. It is the answers to the Q&A.

It distracts people from actually taking that next step forward (whether it is coming in for an initial exam, or whatever it is that you offered from your talk).

Boring Questions2.  You don’t know what will be asked during the Q&A. Sometimes people may ask questions that are not relevant to other people.  It can actually make people lose interest and start getting frustrated. The talk you gave so well and which you would’ve gotten more patients/clients from just got screwed up.

Don’t believe me?  Try doing a Q&A at the very end (vs. not) and compare your results.

The only exception to this is if you are hosting a webinar and you are making a paid offer directly from your webinar.  Then take Q&A at the end primarily on questions people have about your paid offer (not necessarily on random questions though).  Take content-related questions in the middle or throughout the talk instead.

So, what can you do instead?

Option #1:  Hold the Q&A before the end.  Not right at the end, but BEFORE the end.  The final thing you say would be encouraging people to take that next step forward with your offer.

For example, I was speaking at a National conference last year and was told I had to give a Q&A.  I asked the host if it was ok to give it in the middle of the talk.  She said yes.  When I gave the Q&A in the middle, the audience loved it.  But the final impression of my talk was the offer I gave, NOT the Q&A.  I ended up getting a number of clients from that talk.

Option #2:  Don’t hold a Q&A.  Let the audience know you will be in the back of the room to answer any individual questions. Then you just need to know what to say during the close of your talk that inspires the audience to take the next step, without being pushy or salesy.

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