What to do to get the 2nd round of PPP money

Since $310 billion got approved in the Senate yesterday & can be approved by the House as early as tomorrow, get in line if you didn’t get approved for PPP funding yet.

Update about the word out on the streets about it:

 You may want to consider a Fintech lender, because these lenders may be processing smaller loan amounts at a higher volume, vs community banks processing large amounts at a lower volume. 

And you may want to forget just having your application in at a big bank, because we all saw what happened with that the first round. 

My clients who got approved were primarily through community banks.

Of course, if you have a relationship with a lender who can help you along the process (ie, let you know where you stand, etc) and ideally not a big bank, then it could be even better.

Crowdsourced PPP lender status list (not sure as of what date
and if currently updated but at least you can find the links to apply at each bank) 

Good luck!  But keep in mind that even if you get the PPP or other grant money, for many of you it’s not enough. 

 You still need to have a way of bringing revenue into the practice either now, soon, or in the upcoming months before you dip too much into your savings.  Be looking ahead now vs. in regret later.

Want help with this?  Get in with us to see how we can help you bring in cashflow quickly and monetize your expertise beyond seeing patients in person.   

If you’re still open, let’s get you busier.

If you missed it, catch the replay of “How to Coronavirus-Proof Your Practice + Monetize Your Expertise During these Uncertain Times” (even if you have to close down)

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