Wasting Money on a Website When it’s Not the Right Time

 When is it the right time to invest in a website? I just spoke to a holistic health practitioner who spent several thousand dollars on her website, and another $600/mo for 6 months on search engine optimization (SEO).  Although her website was pretty, she didn’t get many clients from the SEO.  Talking to her brought up memories of me talking to a naturopath last year who was about to spend $10,000 to upgrade his website.  (yes, I know many of you have spent less than that, but keep reading because what I’m about to say will still be relevant to you).

What I would’ve looked like if I were a guy

Hearing that made me cringe, but it wasn’t my place to say anything because he seemed convinced it was the best thing to do to grow his practice (and he wasn’t a student of mine)