Wasting Money on a Website When it’s Not the Right Time

 When is it the right time to invest in a website? I just spoke to a holistic health practitioner who spent several thousand dollars on her website, and another $600/mo for 6 months on search engine optimization (SEO).  Although her website was pretty, she didn’t get many clients from the SEO.  Talking to her brought up memories of me talking to a naturopath last year who was about to spend $10,000 to upgrade his website.  (yes, I know many of you have spent less than that, but keep reading because what I’m about to say will still be relevant to you).

What I would’ve looked like if I were a guy

Hearing that made me cringe, but it wasn’t my place to say anything because he seemed convinced it was the best thing to do to grow his practice (and he wasn’t a student of mine).  So I kept my mouth shut.

He already had a website and there were so many other things he could do to get clients coming in the door without spending so much money.  That included getting his current website to turn into more paying clients by speaking to his clients’ problems & drawing them in by attractively expressing what’s special about what he does.

Other things that could have saved him the money he was about to plunge were:
Taking a good look at how he was offering his services  (ie, receiving a makeover of his trading dollars per hours business model), and getting clients through other creative methods that wouldn’t cost so much.  But because it wasn’t apparent to him, he thought spending money re-designing his website would be the best next path.

I know some of you have spent far less on your website than that, but is it really the best timing for you to be investing your money there? 

Many holistic health practitioners have told me they have to get their website up, even though it wasn’t the right timing based on where they were at in their practice.  Actually, I can relate to where that comes from.  It’s because we secretly wish that we don’t have to do as much marketing if we have our website attracting clients for us.  We dream that once we get our website up, clients will come flooding in.

Sadly, that’s not the case. 
How well a website gives you paying clients depends on these 4 key factors:

1. How easily you’re being found online.  Websites are popping up every day with other chiropractors, naturopaths, health coaches & holistic health practitioners getting their website up.  If you think about it, who looks at things beyond the first page or two of Google?  You need to be found on the first page of people searching for what you offer.  How will you get to the top of Google?

2. How much your client identifies with you, and how you could solve their problem.  This includes building a connection with your potential clients/patients, so your site isn’t just strictly factual.  It needs to be interesting and relevant.  At the same time, it needs to express who you are and position you as an expert.  That way, the right people are more likely to be drawn to work with you.

What is one of the best ways to start building connection and expertise, without breaking your budget?

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog article to find out the answer to that, plus the other 2 key factors that can help you determine whether your website will be a good investment or not right now.

Comment below on what the most frustrating thing was for you about either 1) working with a web designer, or 2) finding a web designer and give your advice (if any) to others on what you’d do differently.

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