Vanashree Belgamwar, Ayurvedic Practitioner

how she grew her ayurvedic practice
more efficiently than social media in 3 months
as a busy mom


Vanashree Belgamwar, Ayurvedic practitioner, had a part-time practice for 13 years and decided to go full-time in the business
(her pharmacist husband decided to quit his job practicing pharmacy to also be a part of the business).

 She had tried virtually every marketing option out there, SEO, social media marketing, etc
but nothing seemed to be giving her the results she was seeking.

 As a busy mom with 2 kids, Vanashree decided to work with us to
help her attract new clients by speaking and becoming a thought leader.

 During the 6-Figure Speaking Makeover mentorship for Introverts,
she got booked for speaking opportunities, spoke in front of 2 places, and grew her practice. 

Vanashree talks about her services, product line, and shares her wonderful vision for her practice. 

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