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As an attendee of Chen Yen’s talk at the Practice Upgrade Summit you are eligible to receive a special free gift of the “Half Your Hiring Time” Toolkit ($197 value).

Your free gift includes the opportunity to apply for a priority spot for a FREE 1-on-1 “6 & 7-Figure Quantum Leap” Strategy Session and specific plug and play templates & scripts that can help you right now with hiring the right person for your practice in half the time.

The “Half Your Hiring Time” Toolkit ($197 value) includes:
TEMPLATE #1: Attract the Right Hire Roadmap

TEMPLATE #2: Effective 10-min Phone Screening Template

TEMPLATE #3: 7 Must-Have Reference Check Questions  (you never thought to ask)

TEMPLATE #4: “How Much are You Really Getting Paid Now” worksheet

BONUS: A copy of my upcoming book How to Find the Right Hire (and Save Time, Stress, and Turnover)” mailed to you.

(**after you fill out your strategy session application you’ll be taken to a page where you can download your instant gifts and tell me where to mail your book)



What to expect:  

1. Insight into your #1 biggest frustration/challenge right now 
 2. A step-by-step plan to grow your practice to 6 & 7-figures without it always being dependent on you 
 3. The next most strategic step to take to double your practice(without double the work). 

Apply to be considered for a “6 & 7-Figure Quantum Leap” Strategy Session. It’s my gift to you, if you qualify.

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