Top 3 ways to market a talk on a small budget

Updated Oct 2017
Do you wish more people would show up to your talks?  
Here are top 3 ways to get more people coming to them on a small budget:

1. Use video or Facebook Live
A client of mine is using video and Facebook Live to fill up his talks right now and getting very targeted people to show up for his talks. Then he runs Facebook Ads of those videos. You can get video views for 4 cents/view. It’s one of the cheapest ways of advertising your talk.

You’ll need to have a compelling video & know what target demographic and audiences to choose in Facebook for the best results.  You also need to know what to say, so that people actually show up to your talk.  I’m excited to be sharing some of these video strategies this Thurs with the DCs, LAcs, holistic MDs who are registered for the 6-Figure Speaking Secrets for Introverts LIVE event coming up in December.   

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2. Host a movie night
Host a movie night and then do a short talk afterwards. Choose a movie that brings up a health condition you treat and what’s wrong with the current way it’s being treated OR highlights the benefits of using your modality. This takes the pressure off you having to talk the whole time.  To make it more festive, ask people to bring a dish or dessert for potluck.

When you have an effective compelling strategy for your short talk afterwards, it can bring in patients. When you host events aside from hosting talks, people will find it to be a fresh experience, and it can increase interest and show rate.

3. Put a tab on your website that says “Upcoming events”.
This one is a simple one. Get a tab up on your website. That way, people can see that you are doing talks. Putting talk dates up in advance lets people pre-plan for them. Also put up an opt-in so that people can RSVP for your upcoming talk (or send them to EventBrite to register).

****Beyond the 3rd hot tip:
Even better, get booked to speak elsewhere. You can show up, do a talk, and get seen as an expert because you’re the guest speaker. And you don’t have to do the legwork of getting people to show up.  A few of our clients & their experiences using effective strategies to do talks the introverted way:
Angela McKaye, DC, ND (also in process of getting acupuncture degree):

Kevin Passero, ND, Former President of MD Naturopathic Doctor Association

Risi Idiokitas, LAc

Join the upcoming free training on the keys to getting booked & getting more patients from your talks:

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