This practice’s sugar daddy

I was talking to an acupuncturist…

Here’s the amazing thing:  before, she was bringing in $5k/mo.  Then something significant happened in her practice that led to her having more patients than she could see for the past 3 years.

In fact, she was able to grow from that to bringing in $1 million in one year

“What in the world did she do?” I thought.

That is some fast growth..I wanted to know what her secret was.

What had happened was that she got herself a sugar daddy.

The VA. The VA was her sugar daddy
(and of course, she helped a lot of Veterans who could benefit from her care). 

But here’s the thing…she was calling me because things had become slow in recent months and her practice dropped to 1/3rd of what it was before.

Patients from the VA had decreased significantly, and there had been talk of potential policy changes coming up.

The problem was she got used to not having to do any marketing.  She got used to making money and spending it.

Now that things have changed, she had no idea what to do, because her skill set of growing a business was still at $5k/mo skill set, not a million-dollar practice one.

That’s the problem with having a sugar daddy, one source of payor (aka the VA or insurance)….or if you have all your eggs in one basket bringing in patients.

When your sugar daddy goes away, you can be left panicking.