This one tweak helps bring in patients

An acupuncturist with his own practice (and an apprentice of a seasoned acupuncturist) came to us and said “I need help growing my practice.”  So we recommended to him what we felt would help him.

He responded, “my mentor said we shouldn’t have to pay for it. Information is free.”

I smiled.  He is absolutely right.

And one of the biggest mistakes many acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, and functional medicine practitioners make is focusing on learning more information.

Information in business does not equal more success.

And that’s why this acupuncturist is struggling in his practice.

The biggest distinction this acupuncturist didn’t get was school vs. business.

In school, you are rewarded with A’s for learning things and remembering them without the help of others. You are rewarded for loading up your brain with useful and useless information.

In business, information alone doesn’t create transformation.

If information alone could create change, everybody would be happy, successful, and fit.

If you are stuck in your practice, seek the fastest path to shortcut your growth.

Sometimes it means doing less, but being more effective.

Sometimes it means authentically communicating with your potential patients or referrers.

Sometimes it means plugging into systems in place that are already working.

Sometimes it means not having to understand everything, but just enough strategically to delegate it.

Sometimes it means getting guidance, because you’ve taken yourself as far you can going at it alone.

If you’re focused on the wrong goal such as, “I just need to learn more; all information is free, so let me learn from all different people about business” (and then you get confused because you are swimming in a sea of information but very little transformation), or “I need another certification, more clinical training”, take a moment and reflect on how well it’s working for you.

If it’s not, then do something different.

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Chen Yen

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