The Real Truth About Health Insurance and its Impact on Holistic Practitioners

I was sitting in the room of a naturopathic conference earlier this year when several NDs got up and spoke with excitement about the Affordable Healthcare Act and how it will be great for naturopaths and other holistic practitioners because there will be more possibilities for insurance reimbursement.

Then one naturopath got up and started sharing his concerns – he did not like the idea of his practice becoming more insurance based.  People looked at him like they thought he was crazy.

How do you feel about accepting more insurance?  Many holistic practitioners I talk to are excited, because it seems like all of a sudden it will become easy to bring more patients to your practice without having to market it.

But what’s the real truth behind accepting insurance that the government and insurance companies aren’t telling you?

If you look at providers who have been accepting insurance for a long time and have seen the evolution of insurance in their practice, you’ll see a totally different picture.  Many MDs are wanting to get away from accepting insurance.

A holistic MD client of mine is a perfect example of this–she wants to completely get out of accepting insurance.  She was telling me how tired she is of all the control and paperwork continuously imposed by the government and insurance, plus the lag time it takes to receive reimbursements.  And how decreases in reimbursements plus more control seem to get worse and worse.  She, like many other MDs, are running the other way from insurance and there’s a reason for that.

The truth is, accepting insurance isn’t an “end all be all”.  It doesn’t mean that you can just see more patients and collect money without having to be controlled by what you can and can’t do.  There’s a lot of control, bureaucracy, paperwork, and not-so-rosy remibursement scenarios. It also doesn’t mean you no longer have to stand out from your competition.

Just think of how it is for you when you look up an insurance directory to choose a provider for yourself.  How do you pick someone from a list?  (if you’re honest with yourself, you may even admit that when you’ve looked at one of those lists and really needed to see a doctor, you might have even considered blindly picking one because the doctor was close to home and his/her first and last name sounded good). How do you think you’ll feel when you become just another name to your potential patients/clients?

Now, imagine instead…having a full cash-based practice without having to worry about being dictated by what the government or insurance companies tell you.   (Read on below to find out what one naturopath & one Bowenwork holistic practitioner have been able to do).

Imagine being able to continue practicing more on your own terms.  You can even set up your practice in a way that allows you to stop trading dollars for hours (this is something the holistic MD is working with me to do).  You just need to know how to set it up and help people easily see the value in working with you in cash-based way.  It’s a skill that can be learned, even if you aren’t business savvy.  You just have to have the desire and commit to learning it. 

One naturopath who is using this type of cash-based model I teach was able to tell the landlord of her practice a few months ago that she no longer needed to renew her lease.  She took off to Hawaii and was able to work from there & help patients anywhere in the world.

It doesn’t just work for naturopaths or holistic MDs.  I have clients who are acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, energy/spiritual healers, and health coaches using this model.

It even worked for a client of mine who does Bowenwork.  She started out struggling with getting clients and charging around $50/hr.  Then she took what she learned from the Consistent Clients Formula that I teach and got herself three clients paying her close to $1000.  The best part?  Her clients are doing really well and listen to her advice.  They are seeing dramatic results with losing weight and in other areas of their health from working with her.

With the formula she’s learned, she can even easily redesign and offer services that can be passive income for her.

Having a cash-based practice using this model will allow you the freedom to take time off when you want to, take the vacation you’ve been putting off taking, or spend more time with your family.  You can design your practice around what’s important to you and that gives you meaning.

Ready to see how the Consistent Clients Formula can give you that freedom of designing your practice how you want (on your own terms!), and not have to worry about what happens with insurance?

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