The Cinnamon Broom

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving’s coming up already.  Around this time every year, Trader Joe’s has cinnamon brooms on display at the front of the store.  Over the last few years, when I would walk in the store, the warm cinnamon smell would waft under my nose and make me want the broom.  I really wanted it.  But every time I walked by and told my husband I’d like to get it, he would say to me, “you don’t need that” (we don’t like to collect “things”).  So I wouldn’t get it.

This year was different.  Two days ago, I walked in (this time I was there by myself) and instead of telling myself that I didn’t need it, I gave myself the gift of it.  It was a small thing, but it was a big thing for me because I’m a practical person.

What have you been denying yourself, and is something you really want?
Maybe it’s something you’ve been wanting, but your significant other talks you out of it.

Maybe it’s something you know can really help you, but you always find yourself saying “now’s not the right timing”.  When will you give yourself permission to have it now?

As you reflect back on this year in your practice, are you still tired of people not knowing you exist?

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