Telling it like it is – does it turn off patients?

Do you tell it like it is (including about yourself) as you get older?

What I’m like: 
Tell it like it is..with love
Always believing in possibility

Spiritual seeker (experiencing blissfulness through meditation and levitation from the blessings of spiritual enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda was such a blessing of an experience;  

on another note, I can’t believe I’m going to the International UFO Congress out of curiosity in September)

Passionate & intense

Appreciate meditation (used to have a monkey brain until I calmed it down)

Introvert (you won’t find me raising my hand to speak for the sake of speaking, unless I feel like I have something important to say)

I like speed (yes, got pulled over by a cop 3 times in 3 months on the freeway when I spent time in Oklahoma)

…although I had a different way of getting out of the 3 speeding tickets than the woman on the right 🙂

  Like to travel (performing violin in Vienna in August & that’s a story for another day)

I thought about this…as we get older and make friendships (or for those of you who date), the more straightforward we are.  We tell it like it is so we cut through the chase faster.

The reason I got to thinking about this is because I have an acupuncturist client who is into spiritual consciousness work…he has met with the Dalai Lamai about bringing Tibetan medicine to the US, etc,  I was on a call with him one day and we were talking about some deep spiritual stuff.

We were having a conversation about how best to market his business that wouldn’t likely be the kind of discussion happening in an everyday large marketing seminar like ChiroFest (FYI-if you haven’t heard of it before, it’s like Woodstock for a marketing conference).  The vibe is just very different.

He has famous Hollywood celebrities as his clientele and can incorporate that in his marketing to draw people in, yet the part he appreciates bringing out the most in his marketing is his spiritual consciousness work.

It occurred to me to another level how people drawn to you appreciate you for who you are, whether spoken or unsaid.

Many of our favorite clients appreciate me for who I am (even if they don’t believe in everything that I’m into).. 

…and those who don’t never work with me.

Just as many of your patients or clients resonate with you for who you are.   And those who don’t will go see another practitioner. 

So why not be forward with this?  Instead of trying to cater to everyone, boldly stand for who you are.

To your boldest & fullest self-expression 🙂  

Comment below–what do you think about this?  Do you think telling your patients more about what you’re like will turn them off?  Do you hold back because you are afraid of what people will think, or do you boldly share?

(I confess.  It took a lot for me to be bold enough to write the UFO thing above because I was concerned about what people would think about me).  Comment on what you think!

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