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Double Your Practice in 2013

Happy New Year!  Can you believe last year’s over & it’s already 2013?  I recently came back from a 21-day Inner Awakening program with an Indian enlightened master & words cannot describe what I experienced and saw.  We received energy initiations daily.  Some of us experienced physical levitation (yes, you read that correctly).  When you…

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What a Coconut Can Teach You About Charging What You’re Worth

  <a href=””>Why are you not currently charging what you’re worth?</a>  I was just opening a young coconut with a corkscrew, and boy is my wrist sore!  Most coconuts open up immediately when I use a corkscrew to dig a hole so I can stick my straw in it.  This one was taking so long…

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Do Introverted Holistic Health Practitioners Have More Trouble than Extroverts Attracting Patients/Clients?

  <a href=””>Holistic health practitioners: Are you an introvert or extrovert?</a>Are you tired of being seen as being “reserved”, “shy”, “slow”, or not having ideas to offer up quickly in a group situation?  And how you may not be as valued as those who openly display what they’re thinking?  I used to think something was wrong with…

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